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spermidine other polyamins that double mouse longevity reduce cancer

longevity spermidine polyamine

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#1 treonsverdery

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Posted 27 February 2012 - 07:10 PM

This PLoS one paper http://www.ncbi.nlm....les/PMC3156754/ describes how spermidine doubles mouse lifespan at 80 weeks, it also describes how a probiotic yogurt has an even stronger effect. To view the spermidine data read the additional data item at the paper http://www.ncbi.nlm....023652.s002.ppt.

Variations on spermidine http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Spermidine that could possibly be effective at a tenth or a hundreth the dose are halogenated variants of spermidine as well as spermidine linked to other molecules that facilitate membrane transport which also gives the opportunity to tune where the longevizing chemical goes at the body. Variably saturated versions as well as different nitrogen groups at the molecule have been described here at longecity
Imminst. All of these ideas are public domain.

It is also of note that mice genetically engineered to superproduce polyamines were first produced 1991-1993 two decades ago. If there had been a system to measure mouse longevity ongoing at that time the longevity increase effect might have been noted then.

Researchers may find comparing different species of value. The American beaver has 40 chromosomes just like the mouse, i have read humans are 85pt genetically identical to mice thus it is possible the beaver is 95 pct or higher genetically identical to the mouse. This paper describes relatives of the mouse with much longer lifespans as well as high genetic similarity Beavers live something like 7 to 10 times longer than mice, thus seeing if they have more spermidine or similar spermidine supplement reactions is of value. http://www.ncbi.nlm....les/PMC2527635/

Researchers could see if supplemental spermidine upregulates or reregulates mRNA at each of a variety of beaver, mouse as well as human tissues to see if an effect was shared amongst these species Comparing neurons, endothilial cytes, as well as mitochondria would give an idea of neurological as well as form n bioenergetic effects

Notably the paper has a few images of longevity agent treated mice compered with others. The visual differences suggest than a pharmaceutical developer creating a fda supportable compound could video an entire lab mammals lifespan, then publish all the data so that a variety of other spontaneous researchers could note the first morphological or behavioral variations. Cancer researchers could note the difference between first onset of visible symptoms among the two groups. Drug developers seeking to create a publically valued pharmaceutical could note differences at first hair whitening as well as rate to create a drug that kept human hair at its original color longer.

A drug that keeps human hair at its original color longer could then be verified at the human population with a fairly rapid study involving untreated persons who had just begun hair changing coloration to see if spermidine or phramaceutrical derivatives changed the number of or rate of appearance of white hairs. Noting that Latisse has FDA approval a product that lengthens, naturally maintains coloration or even retains human hair is likely approvable particularly if it reduces cancer while making mice live longer.

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#2 treonsverdery

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Posted 01 May 2012 - 03:54 AM

The multuiperson much longer thread is at http://www.longecity...mouse-lifespan/

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