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How long does SAMe take to work?


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#1 Byllie

  • Location:London

Posted 29 March 2012 - 10:12 PM

Been taking SAMe for a week now

And the only things i have noticed is feeling hot (flushed?) and difficulty getting out of bed in the morning....
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#2 Lufega Re: How long does SAMe take to work?

  • Location:Miami, Fl.

Posted 29 March 2012 - 10:57 PM

Started using it about a week ago also. I take one tablet a day and I feel a little anxious but I'll give it time to work.
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#3 Synaptik Re: How long does SAMe take to work?

  • Location:Canada

Posted 02 April 2012 - 02:15 AM

When I first started Sam-e, the effects were instantaneous. I was in search of a mood lifter, and it worked great for about 2 weeks. Just felt much more social or the mild depression was basically lifted. I kept getting a 'sunny' feeling in my head. After about 2 weeks though, the social effects gradually tapered off, and did the depression benefits. I wasn't pissy or irritable, rather, the effects just seemed to taper down.

After cycling off it for awhile, and re-introducing it a few months ago, I haven't experienced the same success the second time around. I do get the mood lift, but it doesn't last as long nor is it quite as strong. I'm fine with this as it means I'm probably less in need to the serotonin boost I once required. What Sam-e does EVERYTIME and without fail for me is boost energy. It is hands-down the best supplement I've ever taken for this. In the past, I would have days at work where I literally wouldn't fully 'wake-up' all day; I would yawn constantly and struggle to make it through the day. This wouldn't happen everyday, or most of the time, but enough to cause productivity to slip. But if I take sam-e, I'm 100% awake and fully alert within 10 min. of taking it. Energy lasts all day. It is a valuable substance for this reason alone, although I use it sporadically.

A Little OT, but recently I've gotten introduced to the amino acids. I find 500g of Tyrosine + TMG put me in a nice mood and give lasting all day energy. TMG is a precursor to sam-e and gives nice clean energy. I find it a nice combo supplement to balance the dopamine side of tyrosine/phenylalanine amino acids. Will try with ALCAR to see if that combo works. Trying to use the minimum amount of supplements possible to gt desired effect. Wonder how ALCAR & sam-e would fare together?

Still working on combos but tyrosine-TMG looks like a staple.
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#4 Lufega Re: How long does SAMe take to work?

  • Location:Miami, Fl.

Posted 02 April 2012 - 07:30 PM

SAM-e is to cost prohibitive to use all the time. I think I'll switch to TMG once my supply runs down. TMG also helps pack on muscle.
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