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All the Pretty Lights... A Coluracetam Review

coluracetam creativity fluidity

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#1 GoingPrimal

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Posted 15 May 2014 - 01:33 PM

Hey guys and gals, just wanted to add to the experience bank of coluracetam. Previous racetam usage includes piracetam, aniracetam, oxiracetam, pramiracetam, as well as noopept and sunifram. Been using one form of racetams or another for about two years now, mostly piracetam and aniracetam.


I received my package from New Star Nootropics about 2 weeks ago, containing 250 mg coluracetam and 5 grams phenylpiracetam.


Dosages - have ranged from ~5mg to up to ~40 at once, with usual dosages being ~15mg, twice a day. I haven't taken it every day, so if there is some sort of build up effect or even reverse tolerance as I read on another thread, this may be slowed down a bit.


Appearance - an offish white, maybe light cream color. Fluffier than most other racetams I've used. 


Flavor - bitter, chemical-like. Honestly not that bad though, I have no issues or hesitation to consuming it sublingually. Nothing beats the bitterness of EGCG in my experience.. 




Perceptually - Indeed, colors do seem brighter and bubblier. Very similar to if one were to use a modest dose of LSD, though it really only grabs my attention with brighter colors or stronger contrasts, or lights. If I'm just looking around at my wooden floor, it looks like my wooden floor on any other day. If I look at the bright green scoop provided with my shipment, it's damn near radioactive. I often find myself staring into the headlights of oncoming cars while passing them in the night - prob not a good thing, but the lights are so pretty.. 


Music is often times enhanced, though not always. Some songs I've noticed seem to be playing slower than normal, and this leaves me feeling less satisfied. It's not the type of substance that makes me want to listen to heavier or fast playing music. But it lends itself well to more ethereal sounding songs, or acoustic, folky songs. Listening to certain Simon & Garfunkel songs left me damn near ecstatic. 


As to my other senses, I've noticed no changes.


Mentally - A broad category to cover, but in short, it seems to add fluidity, creativity, and a sense of ease to my life. By fluidity I mean that with coluracetam, I seem to be more in the flow, more "right-brained", with less rigidity of thought or feelings. I find myself making more associations that I normally wouldn't have made, connecting certain aspects of one topic to aspects of a completely unrelated topic. Sometimes I get in these moods on my own, but coluracetam seems to reliably bring them out in me. 


I think coluracetam would be a good choice if I was in a creative writing class or music class, but less so if I was in an algebra class.


I can't speak for it's effects on memory, as I haven't really done any tests yet. Hopefully when I start up classes again I can report back on this.


By sense of ease, I mean that it seems to supply a subtle glow of positivity and ease within. Whereas aniracetam provides anxiety-dampening effects in a more sort of dulling way, this substance seems to just provide a sense of ease and glow. I know that's redundant.. Whereas aniracetam seems to dull down the anxiety, coluracetam seems to up the comfort and positivity so that the anxiety seems to disappear in comparison.


I hate to use another drug comparison, but it's kind of like the "afterglow" effect provided by LSD or MDMA, either right after the trip or the day after. It's similar to that feeling, but much more subtle. A residual positivity.


Sociability - It doesn't seem to push me into a more social state, like a stimulant would, but it does help connecting with others and being more empathetic. I seem to analyze what I'm saying and what the other person is saying less, and again, the word "fluidity" comes to mind. It's not something I'd use if I was going to a party or out to the bars, but more if I was getting coffee or hiking with a close friend, or any other more intimate situation.


That about sums it up. I haven't done any megadoses, or even close to the 80 mg dose used in the studies. All in all, this is looking like it may be my new favorite noot.

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#2 p155

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Posted 16 May 2014 - 12:25 AM



Thanks for the report on your experiences with Coluracetam. Believe it or not I started on it around the same time that you did, although I did not take it consistently until I decided to break from 50 days of daily Noopept.


Like you, I've taken a number of different Nootropics. My list includes:

  • Piracetam
  • Oxiracetam 
  • Maca
  • Huperzine
  • Baicalin
  • L-Theanine
  • Phenylpiracetam
  • Sunifiram

Of all that I've taken over the years, very few of produced any long-lasting benefit. So I'm well past the point of searching for or expecting to find the Holy Grail.


So it was with very muted expectations that I tried some new things this year. For the first time, I've found some things that are providing consistent benefit:

  • Coluracetam
  • Noopept (which explains why I've been taking it nearly every day for the past 50 days.
  • Phenylpiracetam (only when taking sporadically, when the need arises.

I will cautiously add that of the above three Coluracetam is the newest I've added to my repertoire. But I'm actually pleasantly surprised that it's even lasted two weeks providing me with:

  • Physical and mental stamina without caffeine jitters or stomach upside. Because I live on the West Coast, but work East Coast hours, my day starts early. In my pre-Coluracetam days, I'd start to conk out around 10 to 11am. But since start it up and identifying the right does, I've been powering through tasks through most of the day, steadily productive, quickly confident and working smarter than before. I've read descriptions of what Modafinil does and this seems (at least for me) to in that same realm. I'm guessing Modafinal is more intense, however.
  • High mental performance. I'm pretty much staying at best and able connect the dot faster and with cleverness. There are many times, quantum leaps in thinking and I'm wonder--why didn't I think of that last year. 

Noopept is providing similar benefit, but with less benefit on prevent fatigue. 


Between the two, i'm figuring out how to tag-team them rather than stacking them because -- at the correct dosages them to see to do provide similar mental benefits, while differing on the physical side of the equation.


Will I have the same opinion two weeks or two months from? Hard to say, but the reason I'm hopeful is that the vast majority of Nootropics I've taken over the years, lost their effects within one or two days. That is the case for me, with Sunifiram and just about everything else on the list except Noopept, Coluracetam and Phenylpiracetam (again...only for special occasions). 


So, GoingPrimal, I'm glad you started this thread because I know that, the past 2 or 3 years, there's been a lot of discussion on Coluracetam. So I'm glad to find another person who's just starting out with it, so that we mutually compare notes. 


Keep posting and I will do. 

Edited by p155, 16 May 2014 - 12:28 AM.

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#3 GoingPrimal

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Posted 17 May 2014 - 02:22 PM

Glad it's working well for you too. I'm really enjoying it right now, hopefully effects don't fade.

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#4 p155

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Posted 17 May 2014 - 06:35 PM

It's the only thing I've tried besides Noopept wherein the results have not faded. 


The one thing I'm interested in now is whether there are any long-term negative side effects. I have read-up as much as I can about safety and it appears that there's no worries on shorter-term toxicity. Aside from formal trials and testing, the only real world records of usage dates back to Science Guy's thread started in Sept 2012. I believe there are folks like him who've probably been consistently taking for at least that long. That offers some degree of reassurance. 


Let know if you have any further insights on this issue. 

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