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Manipulating mitochondrial dynamics

nad nad+ c60 mito fission fusion stearic acid mtdna

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#181 RWhigham

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Posted Yesterday, 09:43 PM


Why would you mix fission promoters with a fusion promoter?


Oops, mis-remembered when to add BroccoMax in your protocol,  with Stearic acid, not with NAM + ribose.

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#182 zorba990

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Posted Yesterday, 10:23 PM

I did the Atomic Protocol this morning again and I am now sure it's causing an annoying drop in my BP. My typical uncorrected BP is 135/85 and by evening it was 105/65. The annoying part is that the drop in BP causes a headache in the back of my head. BP should be normal again in the morning like the last time I did the protocol. I recall Turnbuckle mentioned this drop in BP before so it must be a common occurance. I am just curious as to what is causing it and if everyone's experience is similar.

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In had a similar experience (heawdache and some postural hypotension) doing the atomic protocol Friday (arms and shoulder at 75-80%) and Saturday (mobility work plus some amusment park running with my l.o.), in my case it's obviously sodium depletion and increasing electrolytes fixed it (I use packets from the WHO protocol but it's close to pedialyte). Nothing dramatic as the first time two day-ing the regular protocol. No flu like symptoms just a bit fatigued which resolved by evening. I went nearly 18 hours without eating since Friday night to Saturday's protocol as I just didn't feel like eating until Saturday afternoon. (Electrolyte drink has 14g carbs but I don't count it)

I do feel niacinamide and maybe also the ribose is helping my joints feel better on off days. So I'll certainly keep taking those 3-4 Times a week at least.

I picked up a supplement called Cocoa Well for 30mg epicatechin to take with 2 broccomax, ubiquinol, 20mg pqq and stearic acid on fusion days. Any reason not to take 4g lysine and 1g tmg every day?

How about methylene blue on fission days?

Edited by zorba990, Yesterday, 10:43 PM.

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