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SKQ 1 Log

skq1 mitochondrial enhancer mitochondria antiaging skulachevs ions mitochondrial antioxidant

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#1 Mad Hacker

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Posted 08 December 2017 - 12:24 AM

Hey guys, 

I'm just starting a trial of SKQ1 that I bought from a reputable supplier with certification. 10 grams of SKQ1 has been dissolved in Ethanol and deionized water. Solution is highly concentrated. .1ml equals to 2.5 mg of SKQ1. I use a .50ml insulin syringe to draw and take orally. 

To give a short bio on myself. I've been a biohacker for over 10 years and have focused my biohacking on anti-aging. I've tried TA-65, Epitalon, Deprenyl etc.  I'm on HRT, HGH being voluntary, hormones such as Testosterone, DHEA, Preg, Prog, Thyroid, melatonin and HGH. On subject I have tried many mitochondrial enhancers such as Methylene blue at doses of 1mg/kg, MitoQ up to 10mg daily, C60, PQQ up to 40 daily, Niagen up to 300mg daily and resveratrol up to 500mg daily. I've also made lifestyles changes such as circadian entertainment, and diet such as the perfect health diet. I strength train, using  low volume training, 3 days a week. I track strength increases and try to increase 5% every week or two. 

I took my first dose of 10mg dose of SKQ1, an hour ago, on an empty stomach. The almost immediate effects felt so profound that this experience and trial needs to be shared and logged. We know all know this could be placebo but like I said I don't feel as though it was, time will tell.


 Within 10 minutes or less my body felt warm, my body and brain felt energized, almost stimulating but rather an exciting feeling. I felt alert and energized, my afternoon fatigue vanished and I feel physically and mentally capable. The most positive and profound effect in this hour has been on my energy levels, especially my cognitive function. As for side effects, I feel a mild headache on the sides of my head that hurts on the surface when I massage it.

To mention, C60 is the only mitochondrial enhancer that has worked for me thus far. 

I will be updating every few days!  

Edited by Mad Hacker, 08 December 2017 - 12:27 AM.

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