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Elamipretide - possible beneficial effects in other diseases involving mitochondrial apoptosis?

mitochondrial apoptosis retinal dystrophy elamipretide mitochondria retina retinitis pigmentosa

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#1 Xenthide

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Posted 16 January 2024 - 11:22 AM

Apologies if this isn't the correct forum to post this as it does not appear to relate exactly to any of the radio boxed topics, but nonetheless it is about a specific substance - Elamipretide - which I assume falls very loosely under the umbrella of "supplements".


Elamipretide currently has been trialed for treatment of various mitochondrial myopathies, so I am wondering how far the potential benefits on mitochondrial function might extend. For example, Retinitis Pigmentosa, an inherited retinal dystrophy which primarily causes rod cells to undergo mitochondrial apoptosis, a process which can be blocked or at least slowed by various means. I understand this will be pure speculation, but I wonder if anyone would care to speculate if it might have some benefit for specifically this condition - or, on the other hand, if anyone has tried it I would also be interested in hearing about side effects or benefit, or any effects, really, positive or negative.

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