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Passion Flower

Posted by protoject , 04 March 2014 · 13,397 views

I've been taking passion flower recently, both in the form of extract and straight up brewed teas from the plant.

It's honestly an aphrodisiac. Usually when I hear that a supplement is aphrodisiac I just automatically dont believe that it would do that to me. So I am surprised.

Also seems to have an overall good effect on mood. Feels like ive got more "passion" in me, ahaha. I'm not even kidding. Emotions returning? Passionflower is a worthy anxiolytic/ antidepressant on some level. I believe if people aren't having good results with it then they should increase their dosage. Mood brightener to some degree.

At this point i don't think it's the best option for sleep. What i notice is that I've been drowsing around 8 pm and will sleep a bit until 10 pm. This is really strange for me because napping is practically impossible for me normally.

But the problem is that when I wake up, I stay up till 2 am (not abnormal for me) and when I try to sleep again my sleep quality isn't the greatest and I wake up quite a bit.

Confounding factor is that Im coming down from about a month of etizolam use (currently at 0.5 mg per day), (etizolam never helped my sleep in the way I wanted it to btw, actually probably made it worse. but gave a lot of dreams which is nice). Also I don't have my normal daily trazodone dosage as I've run out of it and haven't visited the doc for over a week to refill.
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