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Search for Nelotanserin, might have found supplier

Posted by protoject , 21 April 2014 · 2,244 views

nelotanserin eplivanserin
Well, I've decided not to give up on the fight for good sleep. I really need to switch off of pregabalin now. I do have eplivanserin, but am not sure of its purity, and it also has the propensity to cause diverticulosis in 1% of individuals, allegedly. So now I am looking to get Nelotanserin. I found some from a new supplier, and I'm eager to see if this new supplier provides quality goods. I'm hoping it will be affordable. The dosage for nelotanserin is about 40 mg as opposed to 10 mg max dose of eplivanserin.

For what it's worth, not to be a pain in the ass, but just trying to provide info that might or might not be of any use to you,


I have been fighting the good fight for good sleep for decades, and I have finally found a combo that works for ME. It might not work for you dunno.


It's this combo:


clonidine 0.2 mg 20' before bedtime (why? blocks sympathetic brain activation in order to stay asleep and gain, hopefully, delta sleep)

melatonin 12 mg 20' before bedtime (not a miracle, but it does help in combination with other good things)

CJC w/0 (withOUT) DAC, 10 micrograms injected subcutaneous 20' minutes prior to bedtime.


sometimes, if I'm worried about being able to fall asleep, I also add:


400 to 500 mg of lemon balm extract





Hi Synchro,
thanks for the recommendations.

Unfortunately melatonin and lemon balm aren't substances that are able to work for me. (i've tried)

(Btw in case you haven't seen me posting around here, my insomnia has been pretty severe and chronic, life-destroying~!)


Have you had a chance to compare clonidine and guanfacine for the same purpose? I'm asking because guanfacine has a similar mode of action to clonidine, and guanfacine didn't work for me... if anything it kind of made things worse. (I didn't use it for sleep but did hope it could help).

Hopefully there will be some anecdote from you indicating clonidine would still be a good choice. I've never seen evidence of it improving sleep in paper, but I haven't done a lot of research on it. Also I have heard people say it helps their sleep... so I never know! I'll consider it if it's a good option.


Would you tell me more about CHC w/o DAC? Do you use it for anything besides sleep? I wouldn't mind a boost of GH if it'd help me bulk up, feel better or repair better. I know nothing about CHC though, do you have any hints and anecdotes about both its therepeutic and side effects?


By the way, I've had some success with sleep for the past week and the success has been continual, even in the case where I lowered my 2 main sleeping drugs to almost nothing. I'm going to make a post about what is currently helping me soon, if i can get it to work for a couple more days. I stumbled upon the help by accident but glad I did... it's one single vitamin that I never suspected could help on its own...

Any update on this mystery vitamin? I am curious.


Also, have you experimented with CJC-1295 (w/o DAC) yet? I would be curious to hear your experiences with that. It is a compound that has caught my eye repeatedly over the past few years, but what little looking I have done turned up a lot of information that did not greatly concerned me. Worth putting in the due diligence?

It was Vitamin A (and I have a slight iron deficiency so I was taking iron too which by itself, acutely doesnt help my sleep, though over time it might possibly help a bit)

but in the end, no, vitamin A was not a very robust option, I think I was getting too excited. Also it made me really tired and feeling kinda fucked up in the same way Kava does, maybe it was going hard on my liver or something :s

(I'm not saying vitamin A gives me a kava high LOL but I'm saying Kava gives me this really bad tiring and depressing effect that lasts for days which I think must be a result of its effect on my liver)

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