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Anger and aging

Posted by Danae , 04 October 2014 · 1,086 views

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Anger and aging Chronically angry people do not just harm others, but are probably causing damage to themselves. Studies have shown that individuals who have problems with anger management age more rapidly because of the damage they do to their bodies. Hostility produces chronic inflammation because of the alterations to neurological and hormonal processes, and will also exacerbate the symptoms of any underlying disease. Both open hostility (exploding) and rumination (imploding) cause wear and tear which can hasten the date of our death. Dr Paul Lehrer of the University of Medicine and Dentistry in New Jersey says:
"Although the exact pathways whereby chronic anger contributes to chronic physical deterioration are not known, it is not hard to imagine how the wear and tear associated with chronic anger could produce this deterioration."

Anger etches itself on the face in the form of scowl lines and deep wrinkles. Muscle memory formed by constant expressions of irritation and rage gives us faces that look years older than our true age.
Outbursts of anger increase the likelihood of cardiovascular disease and raise the probability of having a stroke or heart attack. A study published in the European Heart Journal found that in the two hours immediately after an angry outburst a person’s risk of myocardial infarction increases five-fold and the risk of stroke more than three-fold.

A further study by Biological Psychiatry tested the relationship between cynical hostility and known markers of cellular aging. Shorter telomeres were found in high-hostile individuals, with the relationship between hostility and disease being stronger in men than in women. Telomere attrition may represent part of the mechanism causing the detrimental effects of hostility, particularly on men’s health.


So, what’s it to be? An anger management course? Or an early grave?


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