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May 24th

Posted by perception is projection , 23 May 2015 · 4,915 views

Lost track of the days. I am noticing that keep a journal everyday of my progress of my habits is essential. I participate in other things in life and they can consume my time, leading me off the path. Only waking up days later to realize I am off the path,

Lately getting the morning or night ritual has been hard. Mainly because of sleep patterns and sometimes doing morning ritual, would mean I would only be getting 3 to 4 hours of sleep. Making the rest of my plans much harder to impossible. I was forgetting the point of this while process and espciacially why I have a two hour morning ritual.

Morning ritual meta-goals:
*take care of physical health in a time efficient manner
*pump up my emotional immune system
*get a positive flow of emotions
*feel amazingly comfortable and strong so I am able to put myself in situations that might emotional tramatize myself during the day(because that is where the real grow is at)

Anyway review of today:

Did not do:
No morning ritual
4 hours of homework(only like 15min)
Stretching 15 minutes a day.
Review life goals, principles and insights twice a day
Affirmations is car, especially when I do not feel like it
Listen to hypno tape 2x a day
Practice visualizing, vocabulary, writing vivid disciptions organize insights
Brush teeth+floss+mouthwash 3x a day
Say hi to every woman I pass by(yes I am a part time creeper. What can I say, I am a horny dude)
Dress well
Practice looking in the mirror while naked and accepting what I see
Took a cold shower

What I did do:
Do atleast on exercise from a workbook,program a day

Went to two Oa meetings. I am starting to see the benefit of speaking at every meeting. So many its hard to list, but its easier to speak, no discomfort, even at large size meetings. Also people come up to me and speak to me after the meeting, That is the biggest benefit. Because I am socializing everyday, I am becoming much better at it. I am not in my head in every conversation and when I get there I can bring myself to be present again.

Night ritual:
look at where I was concious and uncocnious?--- mainly everywhere, I didn't do an exercise like this in the morning or afternoon to get me on a path, and center myself
fears list, dishonesty log,
things I avoided, things I did not feel like doing,
email food plan to sponsor,
habit log,
plan tomorrow, I have no fucking clue, gonna wake up in a few hours to go to a meeting, then fall back asleep to go to another meeting. Morning ritual is looking unlikely.
make a weekly calendar of it(SUNDAY, PLan week)

/////Love the pain, love the discomfort. That is where my growth, true gold is at. Seek it out, enjoy it, embrace it. Emotional, physical, intellectual. That is where life is as my friends.

Hammurabi White
Sep 02 2015 06:13 AM

No pain, no game...keep it up!

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