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I'm Back(MAY): day 0

Posted by perception is projection , 01 May 2015 · 1,555 views

oh wow
Today was awesome. Had a comedy improv class. Was super fun.

I fell short on my habit of starting conversation with random woman. I avoided it. That is something I am going to have to make a priority for the next 6 months for it to be a habit and probably another yr or so before I start enjoying it deeply.

Worked hard. A big thing I notice I do, is I start slowing down, or taking breaks around mid-day to reward myself for my stellar productivity and hard work. This leads to failure. If I am going to plan a break, make it meditation, something that is active process of relaxation and has other benefits. When I start slowing down, my progress goes to shit.
This means around eating especially for me. Because I have 4, to 6 meals a day, I eat often. I rest or take breaks during those times, that can lead to 2hrs of just sitting and thinking.
Also unless I am creatively sitting and thinking, that is a huge waste of time when I could be doing something way more important.

HUGE INSIGHT: everything I wrote above, I have realized, written about and implemented before. I lost all my habits from a drug relapse. I have to remember that is exactly what will happen again if I relapse. I also have to remember it will take me hard work and months and months to get back to where I was. Relapsing puts me back years, not months.
DAMN, cannot afford that anymore from this point on.

My habits for MAY

(meta-goal)Do the things I least want to do first(also slightly prioritize by importance)
(meta-goal)Do not stop hustling till 9pm.
(meta-goal)Have fun with everything you do. Be focused, totally relaxed, present, self amused, happy, and in joy. Aim for flow
Morning ritual- meditation, review life goals, vizualize day, review princples, review day goals, review insights,

hygiene ritual-floss, brush teeth, while listening to self-made hypnosis tape

*30 min of computer sci

*make 3 OA phone calls, try to make the people laugh
*affirmations in the car 2x a day
*say hello to 15 woman
*go out and socialize for 30 min

Night ritual- type in this habit log, fear list, 10 step, plan what I am going to do on fears list.
*hypnosis tape while going to bed

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