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ENTRY 7: The name of the game is, "Apply evolutionary pressure on yourself."

Posted by perception is projection , 26 December 2014 · 829 views

evolution baby pearl jam actualization
So motivation is an interesting subject.

I am starting to see that is probably the most valuable commodity when in the beginning phase of starting habits. Especially when you are trying to add more than 2 or 3 habits. (At this point I'm trying to add more than 5 habits, trying not to count them because I think that is just a mind fuck at this point)

For me there are two sources of motivation:
A) Mind fucking myself. Basically, mental tricks, visualizations whatever I have to do to get me jacked/psyched/in state to go through the activity.
or B) Set up a condition that forces pressure on myself that I have to do the A, B and Z habits because if I don't I have a really shitty punishment.

I talked about this in my last entry, but I am just thoroughly impressed with my follow through with not just my habits, but my goals for the day.

Doing a lot of stuff, stuff where it would be really easy to postpone because I am tired, or have a legitimate reason(like I am waking up in 4 hours). But because I have set up the circumstances they way I have, I gone beyond what I thought I was capable of to make it happen.

I am obviously not the best writer, and I wish I could articulate to you how profound and amazing of a break through this is for a depressive, fearful person like myself.

Anyway, today was progress. It was tiring, brutal, but damn it feels good.

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