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Storing your Goji Harvest

Posted by YOLF , 07 May 2015 · 3,313 views

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So, as I said in the previous article, these things are easy to grow, indestructible, even for lackadaisical gardeners like me, and they save lots of money while providing benefits similar to those of Goji supplements. But you're going to want to keep eating them in the winder and in the early spring before your plants start producing. So here's what you'll need:

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1. A food dehydrator, one of these will do the trick, I have the third one.

2. Some 32oz Mason Jars (and some more lids if you don't already have them)

3. And maybe a vacuum packer for your mason jars.

3.5. Alternatively, you could just vacuum seal them into bags, but using mason jars is less expensive in the long run.
What to do:
1. So, when you aren't just tossing these in the blender with your regular smoothies, you're going to collect your Goji, spread them out loosely on the racks of the food dehydrator, and run it until the berries are pretty much dry. At least that's the way they come when I buy them, I'll probably sample them as the food dehydrator does it's magic to determine whether an earlier point makes them taste better.
2. Place the Goji's into the large mason jars and use the vacuum sealer to suck out any air and seal it up. It's easier than it looks and everything comes with instructions. Just remember that you'll need two part lids to vacuum seal, though there are other options, but two part lids (lid and collar) also save you money as the lids will eventually need to be replaced. They say to replace them for each use and that they're good for a year after being attached, but if you don't saturate the lid with the contents, you can probably get more life out of them. I've jars left sealed for several years. 3. Store in a cool dark place such as in your basement. If the floors are cement, you might want to put some kind of mat down. Otherwise store just off the floor and somewhere they won't be disturbed. Keep the carboard box they come in. It's durable and great for organization. Mason jars tend to be more durable than we expect glass to be, even if they feel thin. Remember, this is a time tested technology that survived until plastic nearly replaced it. Now it's making a comeback.
Also see more fun with mason jars.
And if you want to get some other cool mason jar accessories while your at it for some other tutorials. Here are some suggestions:
1. 4 - 8 oz mason jars - useful for skin creams and easy to clean

2. Mason Jar Pump Caps - now add a pump handle for convenience

3. Drinking Mason Mugs (and regular size lids) - Why use anything else, mason jars have lids and handles and lots of purposes. Do we really need dishware with limited utility?

Other Mason Jar Accessories that could offer some great utility or extensibility. Mason jars are one of those technologies that have been lost to time, but have so many uses.

You could even use this one to raise money for LongeCity:

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