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Immortality, so much to take and so little time! Here's what you need to get the job done right.

Posted by YOLF , 07 May 2015 · 2,273 views

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Ok, so you can save a bunch of money and get exactly what you want out of your nutrition. But you want to have a longer life, and if this takes you too much time, you're not really gaining anything. So get the tools to do the job right and you can find a happy medium and an enjoyable life full of the benefits of a good supplement regimen. Here's what you're going to need to save time.


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Milligram and 100 gram scales

First up is scales. Can't get a good read without these and volumetric metric can be inconsistent. If you don't get the right measurement, you may not see the effects of the supplement. They find in studies all that time that there are minimum effective doses, so if you're not reaching that dose, you're wasting your money. You'll need 3 scales, a milligram scale for where tight measurements are necessary, a gram scale for most of your measuring, and then something bigger if you want to measure out bulk proteins such as whey, soy, rice or pea. If I didn't already have some weighing solutions, this is where I'd put my money:

Don't forget the calibration weights. They'll come in handy as will the level. Scales are generally auto leveling or can compensate, but it's best to get them as close to level as you can with your eye. A table or counter top won't always be level, but don't fret, just put sheets of paper or the instructions and warranty card under the feet until you get it right. Don't forget to use the level on an x and y axis. You only really need to do this once per surface, but you might as well keep a little level around for traveling or that new table. Another tip is to measure into an 8oz mason jar. If you've read my other blogs posts, you know I love these things. It'll keep everything clean and using the right size scoop (see below) will keep your measurements accurate. Scales are all energy saving, so you'll want to pick the mason jar up and put it back on the scale between measures to keep it from shutting off on you as you weigh things. Oh and if the supplement has a tight dosing or is dangerous in only slightly higher quantities such as with caffeine, you'll want to measure in a separate tray. Once you put it in with everything else, you can't really take it out. On other supplements, if you get a little too much it's just a better day and you're already saving lots of money using bulk powder anyways, so just enjoy it.


Cooler Tubs

I use these jars to store smaller quantity supplements. Usually for things that I take less than 1 gram of per serving. I'll include some other options or secondary options in case they run out of my preferred ones. All of these have a two part lid that will store a spoon or scoop, though not all scoops will fit.

With these, you won't have to spend alot of time washing scoops or getting them and your fingers full of dust while contaminating your powders. Just wash them when you get them with the powder and again when you get a better scoop or discontinue use of that supplement and just keep refilling the the thermos when it runs out. I eventually plan to print matching labels for everything, but until then, I just keep a reference. The insulation is another important feature. If you ever move or travel for an extended amount of time, you can pack these in a tote and they should stay relatively cool on the inside. You could also add some ice or icepacks to the totes, and my next step will be to get some large coolers to keep all of this stuff in. Oh, and you might want to buy some extras if you're not on an intermittent fasting regimen. They're good for food.

You'll eventually have a large collection of scoops from several different bulk retailers and will always be able to find one that fits. Never part with a scoop, you're regimen will change throughout the course of your life and you'll always need the one you threw away b/c it didn't fit anything. The little thermos bottles do come with a folding spoon, but it's not entirely convenient for our purposes and not good for measuring. Early on though, you will learn that not everything comes with a scoop and it's a good idea to buy some:

Micro Scoops:

Other Scoops (you'll find a use for these):

Oh, and you'll want to label everything at some point. So I suggest a pack of printer labels. You can find the label templates in MS word.

Macro Storage:

Cooler jars are stored in totes for organizational convenience

Bulk supplement bags are safe from cats and rodents (mostly cats)

Pill overflow can be stored in cold basement away from damaging heat

After that, you need something to put your supplements in. If you're like me you like to have between 6-24 months of your supplements on hand at any time. It's just a fact that there will periodically be things that disappear from availability for short times at your favorite suppliers, and then there are always those places that have lots of BOGO sales or large discounts for buying big quantities. For that, I use big plastic totes with lids. I can store my powders in the basement safe from any mouse or rat where it's nice and cool and if I have to travel, everything is already packed. I suggest buying a pack of several as they are cheaper that way and you'll want the set to match to easily keep your supplements separate from your christmas stuff. Nothings worse than finding a bunch of expired supplements. Whatever you do, it's important to get opaque totes. Some of your supplements may be light sensitive, so you'll want to keep them in the dark. Light colors are also best so they won't absorb as much heat if left in the sun. If you really want to go all out, get a set of coolers, they generally have tighter seals and may help the investment in your health weather tougher times.

Coolers (Interlocking is a great idea):

Larger Coolers come in all white, but you'll need more of them to keep things organized. You'll have an overstock tote/cooler for bottles of pills and another one or two for bags of bulk supplements at some point. You might consider putting smaller totes inside larger coolers if it's more convenient. The trick is getting everything you need to manage this the first time around to make things convenient and safe. I know the body builders are probably thinking that giant coolers filled supplements sounds like some good loaded carries or farmer walking, but someone else might have to move it. 10 gallon totes are a pretty reasonable size, coolers can be slight larger though, finding a happy medium with them is more difficult.

For the storage of larger powder quantities, you can use medium sized coolers, they are generally air tight and light fast (light doesn't get into them). You'll just need something to store the scoop in or accept that it's going to sit in the powder. I got one of the first one to test out. We'll see how it fairs. Otherwise, the others look like pretty attractive options, even for the price.

I wouldn't get one that's bigger than one gallon, they tend to have taps on the bottom for serving drinks that will eat some of your powder. I see myself mostly reusing the big protein juggs, but adding the coolers to the solution sounds like something I'd do if I had money to burn. That said, I built up my stock of this stuff over time and didn't spend it all in one day. I also tend to get things while they're on sale and bulk supplements don't have to be done this thorough, but I am looking at moving to some pretty hot states and I know alot of us are in places like South Florida, Southern CA, or AZ. I do it with mine because I want all the benefits I paid for and I've planned to be taking supplements this way for some time and being prepared is most often cheaper than not being prepared. It's a lifestyle and a commitment to one's health, and I have cats that will chew anything in a plastic bag. I'll have these things for a long time to come and everything has another purpose if I find something better. I also don't spend nearly as much on food given that I'm on an intermittent fasting diet and only eat one meal a day. The rest of my nutrition comes from a meticulous supplement regimen where I try my best to get everything right.

Oh, and one last thing, Freezers and Refrigerators are another great storage idea. Keep it cold or frozen and it could last longer. A few of these mini fridges might be a great addition to any "supplement cave." I've been collecting inexpensive ideas for that for a while, sounds like an idea for another article.

Some candidate fridges:

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