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Great results as of late

Posted by YOLF , 16 November 2017 · 5,733 views

aging escape velocity

I've been using a bunch of supplements and improvised materials that just haven't been done yet and have been getting great results. Then two nights ago I add a half dose of an adjuvant to my existing regimen that can slowly remove glucosepane, or so it seems. I have it on good authority that this mechanism will be effective. The new ingredient is working wonders. After I shaved this morning, my face felt smoother than it had in years (I change my blades very infrequently, this one is at least a few months old and the disposable battery is about a month). The over all appearance of my skin has improved greatly in the last few weeks. At this point it looks like a pointalism painter painted some younger spots on my skin in layers and the layering is continuing. Interestingly enough, I was out walking about in the sun and overcast skies at a nearby college for several hours yesterday and was expecting my skin to look worse. I do take 4 supplements to minimize the effect of the sun on my skin as I have a somewhat mild (in cosmetic terms... medically it's atypical, basically I have a high enough adrenaline response to deal with the inflammation rapidly and systemically so I feel the effects differently and only get a few zits and a spell of anxiety) case of polymorphic light eruptions or what I refer to as sun sensitivity. The supplements virtually ameliorate the sensitivity most of the time.


Anyways, my skin got much better, though it was perhaps a little red and more wrinkled in areas such as that between my thumbs and pointer fingers, and I was exhausted by the end of the day. The skin returned to normal when the inflammation subsided.


I feel like we're getting real close for those of us who are informed enough to start defeating aging on our own.

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