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Six Years of Losing Biological Age in Photometric Review (2012)

Posted by YOLF , 12 June 2018 · 3,986 views

life extension

The year was 2012, and I was determined to end my aging and I mean beat it back with a stick. At the start of the year, I was chronologically 31.
Attached Image
I was overweight, rejected, and very old looking. Food allergies and intolerances were aging me rapidly. My blood tests still came out fine most of the time, but my ancient Greek ancestors were known as immortals by name Then again, much of ancient Greek medicine bares a reference in name to the essence of the immortals. Coincidence or was it that I had mostly accumulated German, Italian, and British/Irish DNA? Taken in February of 2012


Two Months Later:
Attached Image
This one says I'm 36 and I'm not trying to lose weight. I think it might have something to do with the facial expression? I had been supplementing to slow aging for several years prior, but just sort of scraping the surface very cautiously. I might have still had some really good premium Fish Oil this month, but it wasn't something I would want to take forever as it lead to weight gain when I was taking it and not working out.


One Month Later:
Attached Image
Well, back to 48, I must have skimped on my cosmetic supplement regimen regimen this week. I remember this day fairly well and I don't think I took anything spectacular. Though the day did hold some events that were fairly nerve wracking unlike the first picture in which I remember having an epiphany and was pretty relaxed.


One Month Later:
Attached Image
This one says I was 39. Around this time I was using an anti-inflammatory supplement, I was also supplementing to boost collagen, growth hormone, and to lose weight. I may also have been taking some blueberry extracts (a favorite then and now), and I started liking coffee for the first time in my life. At this point, I was only able to slow the progression of aging with what I knew and I was probably just tricking the camera or microsoft's photometrics in ways that would not be sustainable.


That's it for 2012. Sign up for updates, I'm still hunting for pictures from 2013 and 2014 and I don't want to spoil the ending, so you'll just have to wait and see.

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