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MWI many worlds Interpretation of physics also technologies

Posted by treonsverdery , 13 January 2015 · 1,264 views

mwi schrodinger equa
Many Worlds Interpretation of physics technology Nested quantum events like a photonic pathway or fiber optics that circles a radioactive matrial would cuse occurences where the photon travellig the optical path would be predeterminate as a quantum event while the entiritiy of th radioactive quantum event occurred from a lightcone prespective the quantum events as are nested thus their MWI effects are contingent on each other creating nested MWi universe is an approach to measuring MWI physics This is describd at a graphic as well as text Improving that technology is using evanescent wave are overlap between a plurality of MWI universe creating events I saw an evanescent wave physics graphic where a wax prism deflected electromagnetic waves then when another wax prism was near the first wax prism while at the evanescent wave distance where some of the Electromagnetic radiation would traverse the gap the travel path of the electromagnetic waves went beyond the first prism now think of an optical fiber coated with a layer of radioactive material at just the evanescent wave distance between fiber as well as radionuclide those radioactivity generated photons will evanescent wave be at the same location as the phtonic path of the more gradual photonic loop the neted MWI universe actually have shared evanescent wave area which could be used to transfer data this effect is technologically improvable think of the fiber opic being a crystal at a dish of fluid the fluid has a refractive ndex as well as a physical molecular size it coud also be luminescent or radioactive at a photonic frequency that is evanescent wve distance optimized to the crystal it coats the fiber optic at the evanescent wave optimizing distance then illuminating the crystal or optical fiber at the fluid causes evanescent waves at the surface of the crystal where the molecular distance between fluid as well as crystal is evanescent wve optimal this creates nested data sharing MWI universes It is possible then that adjusting the frequencies or distances could effect the function of the MWI universes being created I hav head about a thing humans describe as the anthropic principle if the fluid crystal MWI apparatus adjusts the anthropic principle then possibly boron carbon as well as nitrogen could all form polymers or all stellar objects could emit white light these kind of universe would have more white ight as well as be much moe likely to create autoreproducing polymer forms benevolent kind humans could calculate what kind of MWI effects produce what kinds of anthropic principle variations to create what are mch more beneficial white ight universes

happy usic that is even more uplifting I read about an acoustic effect called shepards sound (possible shepards tone progression) it is an acoustic effect where it sounds like the tone is always rising I think that as a mathematical description of musical note relations ths could be applied to happy simple music like chiptunes classical music like pahcelbels canon audio of human female sexual response as well as orgasms Bachs JJOMD or the beepy ntro to sweet child o mine to create the ascending sound version of these as well as creating new music

I saw an image as well as a video of using acoustic waves to levitate particles at a volumetric space I think this could be used with eutectic metal mixtures that melt at the melting point of gallium to create 3D forms so a ndium Co Ga mixture could be creates that when warmed with wicking would draw away the ndium as well as Ga creating an all Co form with structural strength melting linotype metal will leave a kind of metal sponge or possibly metl oxide sponge Other possibilities are multimoment amalgams that form well then become structurally strong

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