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a way to make babies weller which also makes pregancy determinable at possibly (ummm) 24 hours

Posted by treonsverdery , 05 August 2016 · 4,165 views

pregnancy uterus antibody aptamer implantation

what do you think of this technology way of figuring out if you are pregnant after like, a few hours after having sex, which also causes more babies to be well.


ok, think of the very most optimal place at the entire uterus to have implantation, people would prefer the zygote develop at that location.


so you coat that area with aptamers, then you have other different aptamers that glom to a zygote, harmlessly


Then These different aptamers prefer to glom to each other at the optimal uterine location.


Then the likeliness of the zygote being at the preferred area go way up, notably if you also put nonimplantation teflonlike aptamers at nonoptimal uterine areas,


you could use lasers outside the body to illumnate the uterus to cause optical activation of preferred location (or) teflonlike aptamers at those locations, although some kind of other immunolocationizing might function.


the thing is that the preferred location also has lots of aptamers that divide to parts if they meet the zygote, then the divided aptamers are hypermeasurable at a pregnancy test. ok, it might be 24 hours or something. also it probably wont work.


(lots of people at yahoo answers want to know if they are pregnant immediately!)

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