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Year Million: Cryonicist Books

Posted by Shannon Vyff , 08 July 2008 · 1,596 views

Any time cryonicists write a book, I'm apt to buy it ;) -yeah even Riskins (The joys of sexual bonding..) :)

The recent book Year Million: Science at the Far Edge of Knowledge (you can read it here for free: http://atlasandco.co...lion_010808.pdf , or buy it from Amazon), has several cryonicists as authors.

To simply contemplate vast lengths of time, has been an awe inspiring device since I was a young child. Some of the essays in Year Million are written better than the others, some of the ideas are repeated from elsewhere--but there are many glowing gems, sparks to your imagination-new 'ah-ha' moments, where you implant a few more ideas about how things may be.

We can hardly plan 15 years out accurately, let alone have give any percentage of our predictions for a million years--but I feel that anyone who is serious about living as long as they can (employing the chance of cryonics, to really escape our millennium, along with supporting ending-aging in our time) should give some though to the extreme far future, in case they find themselves there. They may be able to give insight, with what we thought in our time, they may simply be bemused at how things really are, but in any case--some of the knowledge and ideas from now could be important then in some way.

As a parent, I like to inspire my children--give them awe. I don't want this to backfire into the 'but we all die anyway', 'the whole Earth/solar system/universe does' so what is the point of my life? They are kids, they will use that on me anyway, and I just say-yeah we still do our homework, slog through our work-because we want to be comfortable now, we want to be happy now, in the reasonable 4-6 decades we should expect, and we want to do as much as we can to help the future, inspire others now to also help create the future, and possibly find ourselves in the far future. Then I get the 'but we can never be in the future we are always in now', and I say I feel that I'm in the future when I read history of thousands of years ago, and even if we find ourselves a million years hence, we still will have that universe death to worry about, figure out, effect ;)

As downtime from my PTA board position, my executive board position at church, my LLL volunteering, my being the social action chair for my rec. league group--I am a futurist. I try to inspire others to also plan for the far future, to contemplate it, to try to be there someday--to help all humanity now, and in what ways they can in the future.

I'm just a mother, one of those stay at home ones that stays over-scheduled with volunteer jobs. I educate myself in my free time, and love life. While I still have energy, am still 'here' I do what I can to build the cryonicist community, help end aging, and help end innequality in the world right now.

May 19 2009 08:01 AM
I am the same way when it comes to contemplating vast spans of time and what may yet be. I love poring over science fiction tomes with epic timelines that show the rise (and sometimes fall) of great galactic civilizations. But yes, we must still deal with the mundane here and now and there are no guarantees about the future.

Oh, and thank you for the link to a free online version of the book! : )

Shannon Vyff
May 20 2009 06:24 AM
Glad the link still works :-)

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