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              Advocacy & Research for Unlimited Lifespans

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Networking for Life Extension

Posted by Shannon Vyff , 21 June 2010 · 2,049 views

I encourage people to start local groups, meet up with other people interested in and working for extreme life extension. Leadership of different organizations can share more information when they meet up live-time by video chat, or in person. Currently as a board member of Immortality Institute and the Venturists (http://www.venturist.info/) I had a great time learning about new projects the SENS foundation is working on (http://www.sens.org/), and also getting information on which research projects that have been presented to ImmInst are the best for us to financially support, when I met with Aubrey de Grey in Cambridge last Saturday. I've been able to meet up with many cryonicists and people working in transhumanism or related extreme life extension projects while I've been living in the UK the past year. I feel fortunate to have been able to build so many face-to-face relationships, that I can draw upon when I'm back in the US. I'm moving back the the States next week and have a lot of new projects to work on after I've gotten my family settled into our new home and city :-)

Having more organizations work together, helps us to end aging faster as we can network help and funding for projects.

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Jun 23 2010 09:21 PM
Im glad to see active proponets of these things like you around more and more. The chapters system is now ready as well. Thats at http://imminst.org/chaptersI wonder if you might want to help us continue to sell this collaboration page more far and wide. Its developing here: http://www.imminst.o...showtopic=39651 - outlined in responses #7 and #8 there. Its already got a little bit of funding to back it too, $150 to start, from another gracious Imminst member.
Shannon Vyff
Jun 24 2010 12:46 PM
Looks great :)

Look greats.......

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