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Success - Microglia Stem Cells Fundraiser

Posted by caliban , in News 22 June 2011 · 1,461 views

fundraiser microglia
For many months we have been raising money for LongeCity's most ambitious research project yet:

'The Microglia Stem Cell project' to investigate a novel potential treatment for combating neurodegeneration and Alzheimer's.
After months of fundraising we are now delighted to announce that the project has started!

Through many donations large and small, the community has raised sufficient funds to initiate the project. Last month, we passed the 80% mark and knew that full success would only be a matter of time. Then, something amazing happened: though promoting this effort, a far sighted investor has stepped forward who can see the potential in developing this research project. The angel has been in touch with Mondey and committed a substantial contribution towards a research arm that is closely aligned to the project LongeCity is funding. Thus, we have achieved something amazing together: every dollar donated to this life extension research project has not only been doubled through internal funds but multiplied manifold! Few people, especially those with very limited personal means, who want to invest in life extension would find such effective opportunities to make a real difference.

>> Project Page
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I'm looking forward to see the results of this project!

(Whoops, thumbed the post down instead of up.)

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