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Dude Was Wearing Knee Socks

Posted by Luminosity , in Recommended, Personal 14 April 2015 · 1,371 views


A sixty year old guy in the bookstore was wearing neon green knee socks. They were a half inch thick, made of some kind of synthetic material, and added a semblance of width to his broomstick-like calves. The socks descended into neon yellow shoes. From the knees up the guy looked like a normal but mousy aging male. His companion looked normal except for her hair. She was about his age and had dyed her hair a shade of red that was all purple and orange tones; no brown notes to make it look like human hair. The top layer was one shade and the bottom layer was much lighter. None of this looked deliberate. It was only a matter of time before they started something.


It was the magic hour before closing time. I was feeling good. That's when I heard them. Knee Socks and his companion were sitting at a table in back of me. He was upset about something. Apparently he was on the board of an organization and things weren't going well. When you have a sixty year old dude wearing knee socks on the board of your organization, I'm guessing that could happen.


Knee Socks was angry with a guy who was totally "full of shit." This guy was on the Board. He had emailed something about plans for an event. The guy's account of the banquet plans were "total bullshit." Knee Sock's tone was unbalanced. He took the guy apart in no uncertain terms. Lots of F and S words cascading around the bookstore cafe. Apparently this other guy was a total instigator and his forum was their yearly event. For no reason the guy would say that the speeches were not well-written and the M.C. was not on track. Knee Socks was finding more and more inflammatory material in his phone and flinging more F words. He was contacting a third guy to complain about the second guy. He was thinking of quitting. He might have made a phone call to the third guy after 10:00 p.m. on Sunday. At closing time, his companion left a tote bag at the table when she was putting books back. He was mad at her for that. Then they went out into the night.


Did you have to include me in your shit fit? Why did you have to do that there?


Cause you were wearing neon green knee socks, that's why.

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