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Curry Powder is the New Miracle Supplement

Posted by Luminosity , in Recommended, Health 25 February 2016 · 2,507 views

stagnation turmeric side-effects anti-inflammatory chinese medicine
Curry Powder is the New Miracle Supplement

Curry powder taken in a certain way can be anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and help break down dietary fats and oils. It can aid coordination and task performance, including driving and martial arts. I discovered this when I tried to take turmeric but it had side effects for me. I realized that most curry powders have turmeric in addition to other spices. In Chinese Medicine, the main herb is combined with other herbs to help it move around in your body and modify its energetic effects. I reasoned that turmeric combined with the other herbs in curry powder might work better for me than turmeric alone. I put a pinch of yellow Indian curry power in an empty gel capsule and took it twice a day on an empty stomach. I often took it at the same time I took Boswellian, an anti-inflammatory supplement.


To my surprise, I began to drive better. I was able to catch falling objects in mid-air. I was able to do more complex tasks than before.
I gave the capsules to a friend who started winning his martial arts matches. I tend to get congestion or acne if I eat certain things. This got better. I had less pain from a hip joint issue. My eyes are clearer.


Curry powder can be considered the newest Chinese Medicine. I find it to be warming, and anti-stagnation. It helps the Chi circulate. I think it may help people who have a deficient Earth element in Chinese Medicine. It might also help those who Chinese Medicine considers to be too cold or too yin. For me it is anti-inflammatory. It makes me feel more grounded and more still inside, and more focused. We know that turmeric helps break down fats and oils, and is anti-cancer.


I think it helped that I already try to follow the diet and lifestyle recommended by Chinese Medicine. This built up my Chi (life force). I believe that curry powder helped move it around.




1) I Buy a loose Indian yellow or orange style curry powder that preferably has no MSG. You can try the bulk bins at the health food store. Right now I am using Simply Organic brand in a glass bottle, from swansonvitamins.com.


You don't want super-hot. It should contain turmeric.


One curry powder didn't work for me is El Guapo brand. These are Mexican spices sold in a supermarket. It comes in a cellophane (plastic) package. It is red in color and the first ingredient is cayenne pepper. I don't have anything against this brand, its curry just wasn't working for me as a medicine. The curry that didn't work for me: http://www.walmart.c...-of-12/22557294


2) I put one pinch, on the small side, in an empty gel capsule and take it on an empty stomach, but not after dinner. Taking this after dinner will give you weird dreams.


The link below is to the smallest empty gel capsules Swanson's sells. I can no longer find really small ones empty gel caps. http://www.swansonvi...tin-caps-250-ct


You can sometimes find empty gel capsules in some health food stores or can special order them there.


3) Start with one capsule a day and try that for two weeks. Then if desired, take a second capsule later on in the day also on an empty stomach, but not after dinner. Decrease back to one capsule if it bothers you.


4) increasing the amount of curry powder dramatically from what I recommend may be too much. Once you have tried two pills a day, if you want to slowly increase the amount, go ahead. I don't think that taking a teaspoon or tablespoon of curry powder at one time will agree with most people. It will probably give you side effects.


5) An alternative way to consume the curry powder is to put a pinch of it in some room temperature water in a shot glass or 3 ounce plastic medicine cup. You can buy plastic medicine cups in some supermarkets where plastic cups are sold. Only drawback, I'm not sure if it will stain your teeth in the long run.


6) Although I usually take curry powder an empty stomach, I don't always. If you want to try taking it with meals, go ahead and let me know how it works for you.


I Sometimes Use Curry Powder To Help Me Digest Dairy or Greasy Food.
Sometimes when I eat greasy food or dairy, I take my curry pill at that time to help break it down. Again, taking a massive amount of curry powder to try to break down greasy food might not go well. There is only so much curry powder can do for you.


I don't think that eating curry all the time will have same effect as taking the powder, but I don't know for sure. I don't know if I would want to eat curry everyday, but taking the pills is fine for me. I do discontinue them when I have a cold or flu, as I do almost all supplements. That's just me.


Nothing works for everyone. If this doesn't work for you, discontinue. As I said before, do not go crazy with your amounts. Increase slowly if you want to try that.


I am declaring curry powder a miracle. Of course, more experiences will help us to know more. If you what to let me know how this works for you, feel free. Post here or on Twitter, where I am @Luminosity3 https://twitter.com/Luminosity3


As to which people may get side-effects from plain turmeric by itself, they might be people who have adverse reactions to green tea and green tea supplements, and reservatrol. They might have thin blood and possibly be more likely to be left-handed. Feel free to let me know your experience here.


Here's an article I wrote on understanding Chinese Medicine and its diet and lifestyle:

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