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Oh My God

Posted by Luminosity , in Recommended, Personal 17 March 2016 · 1,220 views

Oh My God

Warning: Contains a few swear words


I got in a thing today or maybe the whole day was a thing. There was a cold wind slicing through the city, first from the West and then from the East. I went to get some God-forsaken zombie produce and you can guess how happy I was about that. Up at the crack of 10:00 a.m., into the sunblock and out the door. There were elderly people everywhere in the crowded parking lot. One left a cane in a shopping cart. The cashier beat up the produce. I didn't even want to ask her for help out. Grrrrrrrrr. Back to the unruly holding chamber that my apartment is. I got it together to go to the beach. I went to the bank to make a deposit. All the parking was parked up, even though the bank was closed. WTF? A voice had told me to go to another branch. It was right that time. The voice wasn't sure I should go to the beach I go to. I went. As soon as I got there, there was an idiot running his motor next to where I park. Grrrrr. Why? Always an idiot. I did set my things up and tried to relax.


There was in incredible cold wind, which isn't normal. I thought it wouldn't be there because I was on the opposite end of the county but there was a separate but equally cold and insane wind from the other direction. A bolster pillow got blown out to sea, across the sandbar and to freedom. It seemed to dance on its way out, happy to be free of me? Then two guys were playing frisbee near me and that wasn't restful. One couldn't seem to aim. Then a man walked up to me, talking on the phone. He seemed headed for me. The phone call he was on seemed fake. He WAS headed for me. He said that everyone hated me and was out to get me. It seems that someone is causing the police to crack down on dogs in that park and they thought it was me. What? Fuck. He thought I called the police on him yesterday but I didn't. I told him it wasn't me.


So I was trying to have a beach day at the end of the world, in a lesser beach park, on the only day of the week when there isn't too much going on there, in an apocalyptic wind tunnel and still someone hates me for it. Fuck. I was trying to rest today.


I immediately called 911 to ask to meet with the police sergeant in the area to see what was up with the dog situation. [Why yes, I am white.] The police department here offers us that option. I went to an office complex arranged around a beautiful courtyard. Obviously you can't meet with the police in plain sight in this suburban neighborhood. The dog owners would be gunning for you. As I waited a guy started smoking in the courtyard, which is illegal. He pointed out that there was a built-in ashtray. I was torn between wanting to be visible to the police and wanting to keep out of the wind which was snaking into the courtyard. I met with a police sergeant for 40 minutes. Apparently they are following up on complaints to the mayor's office about the dogs. I can't contact the dog people right now.


Fuck. I was so cold and tired because of this. Running on empty. Fuck.

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