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Prevent Breast Cancer Naturally

Posted by Luminosity , in Health 18 May 2013 · 889 views

angelina jolie
Before following in Angelina Jolie's bra cups women should look at natural ways of preventing and treating breast cancer. A hundred years ago, cancer was an anomaly. Today it is common. Why? Because of chemicals in the environment and food supply. Eating a healthful diet low in sugar and avoiding chemicals, especially pesticides, are good steps towards cancer prevention. Avoid hydrogenated oil. Avoid fabric softeners and room scents/air fresheners. They are toxic. Use cleaning and laundry products from the health food store. Don't put anything in your lungs that isn't air. Even if it is natural, your lungs aren't designed to breathe foreign substances. Don't use incense. Don't smoke either cigarettes or marijuana. Your lungs are next to what parts of your body? Your breasts, and toxins there can make their way out through them, so watch what you allow in your lungs that are only made to breathe air.

Eat a steamed green vegetable every day. Exercise. Avoid artificial sweeteners, even stevia and the white crystals made from monksfruit. They are yin in Chinese medicine, and too much yin can contribute to this disease. Avoid sodas, including diet sodas. Don't drink too much or take recreational drugs. Look for non-drug solutions to your health problems where possible. If it agrees with you, drink hot plain green tea.

The reality is that toxins in your body may look for a place to go and cause trouble. If you actually remove part of your body, they can go somewhere else. Cancer isn't as mysterious as some would have it. Go to the cabinet under your kitchen sink and look at the toxic stuff there. Read the labels. Now, put that stuff in a box and get rid of it, safely. Same with the toxic crap in the garage or garden shed. There are better alternatives at the health food store or organic garden store. Call your local health department and ask where to take the toxic stuff.

In Chinese medicine, cold food and drinks are bad for your health. You can give yourself a leg up by drinking hot or room temperature drinks and eating a hot breakfast. Let cold foods and drinks come to room temperature before eating. To find out why, or for more on Chinese medicine, go here:


Even if you get cancer, it can be treated effectively with Chinese Medicine.

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