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Super vasoconstriction in feet after for e.g. one cup of tea/coffee, caffeine. Usually icy cold. Any counter substance?

vasononstricion tea coffee vasodilation veins cold feet caffeine

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#1 davis89x

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Posted 07 May 2018 - 02:49 PM

I thought about writing about this because this problem is causing me much discomfort and maybe there is a easy solution to that?
TL;DR - Even little caffeine makes my feet icy cold because of vasoconstriction I guess. Is there any counter substance to this mechanism so that I could counteract or prevent that happening.

First of all I did a research before I started this thread and also did medium range blood tests and everything seems to be very good(beside maybe homocysteine which was strange).
Maybe first I will throw some random informations that comes to my mind.
I am 25+ years old. Quite think guy. Vegetarian with knowledge how to do it. I was born by (I mention this because I was thinking that maybe the gut bacteria may play a role here?).
Usually I have very cold feet(I don’t have any equipment to test the temp, but they seems to be ice cold, while outside is melting. Color is normal), although I live in a place where there is usually 30+oC day and night also warm. Sometimes they are not cold, for e.g. few hours after first meal(then they are pleasantly warm), or when doing many things during the day(usually I don’t have that „moving a lot, doing many things) but also when sleeping or meditating.
It’s maybe somehow „normal” that I would have such issue, because I was for years just recently in depression, and still little bit of something there, and also I am probably quite a neurotic and anxious person. I have few other issues but no need to mention them.

Maybe you know this:



It feels as if the mussels or veins or I don’t know, are so much tight, stressed there.

Drinking even a lot of hot drinks even with ginger etc. usually doesn't change anything.
Drinking a lamp of wine usually may help but then I am also drunk…
Exercises doesn't help.

Iron supplements doesn't change anything. Iron, Ferretin and B12 in blood was fine. 
Wearing sock doesn't help and most of the time makes things even worse because feet keep humid and it cools them.
What is most interesting maybe, because it maybe contain some further hints, even if I drink even a little tea or coffee, the vasoconstruction is coming very strongly, sometimes for few hours(3-6 maybe), sometimes till middle of sleep.
I did also some basic research of receptors that caffeine affects but also with my knowledge I didn’t came to any interesting conclusion.
I was thinking that maybe there is some substance that works the opposite way the caffeine works in the matter of vasoconstruction, but also with little research didn’t found anything interesting.

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#2 sthira

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Posted 07 May 2018 - 03:17 PM

Gain more flexibility in your toes. Focus on your feet. As you age, your feet lose flexibility while simultaneously "growing" e.g. tissue expands and begins to collapse as it weakens. One way to counter this (there are many ways) is to squat on your heels with your toes curled under you, your toes facing forward. Google it. This position will be uncomfortable since your feet are tight. Breathe into discomfort, and hold the position. It's a practice, expect this practice to be a longterm benefit for your feet, IOW, do it consistently. You want to both stretch and strengthen your toes, your arches, your heels -- your feet. This is free, no fancy pills or doctor-shrugging visits are required.

Another method to stretch and strengthen your feet (and to give them the attention and focused bloody circulation they deserve) is to practice standing on your tiptoes. Take balance out at a wall. Also practice walking around on your tiptoes: you want stronger, more flexible feet. This will help warm them as you regain dormant circulation.

Massage also works -- both self-massage and paid massage.

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#3 Dorian Grey

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Posted 27 May 2018 - 05:01 AM

Caffeine causes excess excretion of magnesium in the kidneys, & magnesium can help relax blood vessels.  


Mag Citrate is easiest on the stomach, but doses found in supplements are usually quite large & large doses of mag can cause loose stools and leave you feeling a bit washed out. 


I found 200mg tabs of mag citrate online & cut them in half with a pill cutter for a custom 100mg dose which suits me well.  


Mag citrate is dirt cheap, so nothing much to lose by trying this.  Just avoid the mega-doses found in most supplements.  100mg at a time is plenty.  


Alcohol is a vasodilator, and though you may not want to drink during the day, alcohol also increases nitric oxide, which will persist into the next day after the alcohol has been metabolized.  A nightcap of vino before bed might give you better circulation the next day.  

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