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Neurotoxicity prevention strategies for Xyrem (GHB)

dopamine ghb neurotoxicity prevention antioxidants

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#1 2tired2sleep

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Posted 28 June 2018 - 05:25 AM

I've lurked Longecity for a while now and I'm really desperate for some feedback on my approach from people who understand these things better than I do:


I have ideopathic hypersomnia and recently started taking Xyrem. I'm trying to do everything I can to mitigate side effects and prevent (potential) neurotoxicity/hippocampal damage. I'm already experiencing worse aphasia (word-forgetting), so the threat and the stories are real. This is my current stack, with '?' on uncertainties:


In evening before Xyrem:

Theanine (? maybe morning instead?)

Magnesium threonate

Zinc picolinate


In morning after xyrem:

huperzine a

blueberry extract


pqq (? Couldn't this accelerate mitochondrial damage in my case?)


A little later:

DLPA (? For dopamine restoration)

Ester-C (cofactor)

Basic B complex (cofactor)


During day:

Krill oil 

Milk thistle/liver support

Vitamin D/K2


Magnesium malate

Calcium citrate

Probiotic pearls

Grape seed extract


Diet is mostly paleo and includes many natural antioxidants, veggies, and meats. 


Three weeks in, this doesn't seem to be getting the job done (or much of anything at all). I had to stop taking adderall a few days into Xyrem because of a clear overburden on depleted neurons which would cause an intense and freakish headache and heat phenomenon for a few hours each day (which went away the day I stopped taking it). Even so, I do have temperature sensitivity (overheating and shivering) and am experiencing other side effects. Obviously I can't necessarily 'feel' neurotoxicity but I don't seem to be effectively dealing with the excess glutamate release or changing anything at all (judging by the days I haven't taken some/all of the above). 


I'm considering adding ginkgo, gastrodin and/or memantine in the morning after Xyrem. Is this a sound approach, regarding memantine? It's considered highly effective in regards to amphetamine and GHB/GHL tolerance and neurotoxicity. I wouldn't be taking it with it, but after. Low dose 5mg to start. 


On another note, I'm happy to be off adderall because I had been experiencing gradual signs of amphetamine toxicity; my reaction to adderall while on xyrem would seem to confirm it further (they are supposed to be synergistic, so something is clearly not right with my dopaminergic system. I suspect it was NMDA overstimulation of already depleted neurons). For dopamine repair, I'm just trying to eat a lot of quality protein and taking some DLPA but unsure if that's necessary/helpful. 


Thanks for reading and I appreciate any thoughts or feedback on these issues.


Edited by 2tired2sleep, 28 June 2018 - 05:30 AM.

#2 John250

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Posted 13 July 2018 - 10:05 PM

Maybe try focusing more on GABA with skullcap, Black cumin, Valerian and maybe Emoxypine

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#3 YoungSchizo

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Posted 14 July 2018 - 01:26 PM

Is Xyrem helping you with your (ideopathic) hypersomnia? Do you feel refreshed during the day?
I did look around a little into research on Xyrem, couldn't really find anything that it might do harm (if you don't misuse it off course). Mostly only benefits on all sleep stages and that it might even boost cognition.

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#4 John250

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Posted 14 July 2018 - 08:01 PM

I’d be careful with G as it can cause worth withdrawl symptoms than benzodiazepines. Limit to maybe 3x/wk

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