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My rehab/detox Aug 8th-14th

rehab detox dopamine adderall amphetamine

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#1 John250

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Posted 05 July 2018 - 10:28 PM

My wife and kids are flying back home for 7 days to visit family. I decided this is the best time for me to finally be able to get clean. I never needed amphetamines but my doctor gave them to me because he said “you might have ADHD.” 4+ years later and I’ve been hooked. Lately I picked up some bad habits like cigarette smoking the past month. I am now on Lexapro and Abilify so things are starting to look better. With my wife and toddlers around it’s impossible to rehab but this is a great opportunity. I own my own business so I’m going to have an employee work those days. The first few days I’m thinking I’m going to just sleep as much as possible and the rest the time I’m going to just relax and watch TV( movies that make me laugh and music I enjoy )and eat. Try and get a little sun possibly a little exercise if im able. Not a diet that’s strict but lots of healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, proteins, etc. (try to limit sugar and caffeine.) As of now I take anywhere from 40-80mg total amphetamines per day. Over the next 4 weeks I plan to slowly taper and get down to around 20-30mg and stop on the 8th. As most of you know I take a long list of supplements. I’m wondering if you have any advice what I can do to make the seven day process better. I’m thinking I definitely should include Jiaogulan as it should help restore my entire dopamine system. I typically don’t take NALT because the effects are minimal when using amphetamines but I’m thinking I should add that as well during the process. I take a ton of supplements even though I cut them in half it’s still around 40 but they all seem to have their place . Let me know if you have any other advice. Thank you

Jiaogulan 45% Gypenosides yeilding 370mg/day(or should I use more?)

Phosphatidylserine 800mg/day(1/2 scoop CortiSolve)
DL-Phenylalanine 500mg 2x/day
NALT 350mg 2x/day
CBD 25mg/day(GetZen Organic Coconut Oil CBD isolate)
magnesium l threonate Magtein 2010mg night
Eph/dha oil 3G 2x daily(Nutrabio)
Astaxanthin 15mg/day
Panax Ginseng
Siberian Eleuthero
Vitamin C complex 2g 2x/day(vitaminshoppe)
VitE complex 400iu/day(solgar)
D3 10,000iu day(vitaminshoppe)
NA-RALA 125mg 2x/day (doctors best)
ALCAR 500mg 2x/day
MitoQ 10mg/day
cycloastragenol 25mg/day
PQQ 20mg/day
Selenium 100mcg/day 3-4 days/wk
NAC 600mg/day
b-12 5000mcg/day(jarrow)
(B6) P-5-P 25mg/day
Free Acid HMB 1g 2x/day
Shilajit Fulvic Acid 250mg/day(Jarrow)
Taurine 2-3g/day
Gastrodin 300mg/day
VSL#3 probiotic 1/day
Tru Niagen 250mg 2x/day
Creatine Monohydrate 5-10g/day

300mcg Melatonin/night
Skullcap(baicalensis) version.
200-400mg L-Theanine
15mg transdermal Pregnenolone
30mg transdermal DHEA
I’m on HRT so I don’t have to worry about testosterone and HGH.

Debating supplements?
Ginkgo biloba

Don’t want to add any dopamine antagonists as that would just further hold progression. Possibly thinking of adding Memantine but not sure if that would do any good while being of amphetamines?

Maybe add Tempol? KB220z

Edited by John250, 05 July 2018 - 11:20 PM.

#2 StevesPetRat

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Posted 06 July 2018 - 05:17 AM

Some additional suggestions:


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#3 John250

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Posted 06 July 2018 - 06:42 PM


Some additional suggestions:

Thanks. Just ordered Tributyrin. Never heard of it. I have Free acid HBM to add as well. Got UMP too. I live in Southern California so I’m in the sun a lot which prevent me from using 9-me but it does look good. I’d rather wait for a little more research. I mainly interested in supplements to “restore” dopamine so that looks like a good one too.

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#4 John250

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Posted 06 July 2018 - 09:41 PM

I’m thinking bpc-157 Will be a great addition well I’m actually “off“ the amphetamines.

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