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Study shows hyaluronic acid can help regrow subcutaneous fat

aging fat loss lipoatrophy hyaluronic acid

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#1 ImprovingMyself

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Posted 07 August 2018 - 02:39 AM

Hey all,
I am interested in the ability of HA to potentially regrow fat. I have hollows under my eyes and would like to fill them in. This study seems promising, but I am not sure if I am missing something. If this is really true it seems groundbreaking and disruptive to doctors who make lots of money off HA and fat injectable fillers. Side note, this article is from Taiwan so some of the English is a bit wrong but the idea is there overall.


I know that HA injectables (often performed for volume loss in the face) need to be redone every now and then, but at increasing time intervals. So someone gets them one day, needs another round in 8 months, but then doesn't need another round for 1 year after that and so on.  This article seems to say that is partially because the HA allows fat to grow around it, so it takes longer each time for the amount of HA to degrade since HA degrades in everyone but fat only degrades due to age or weight loss. 




(hASC = human adipose-derived stem cell)

New adipose tissue formation by human adipose-derived stem cells with hyaluronic acid gel in immunodeficient mice.



hASCs were well attachment and proliferation on the HA gel. In vivo grafts showed well-organized new adipose tissue on the HA gel by histologic examination and Oil-Red O stain. Analysis of neo-adipose tissues by PCR revealed the presence of the Alu gene. This study demonstrated not only the successful culture of hASCs on HA gel, but also their full proliferation and differentiation into adipose tissue.


The efficacy of injected filler could be permanent since the reduction of the volume of the HA gel after bioabsorption could be replaced by new adipose tissue generated by hASCs. This is a promising approach for developing long lasting soft tissue filler.



Please let me know if my thought process is wrong. I am thinking about buying HA serum to use on my face. Has anyone used this and noticed fat gain/plumping?

#2 Boopy!

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Posted 20 August 2018 - 01:16 AM

you would have to inject it,   along with very,  very carefully made stem cells and fat cells from your own blood,   and even then,   not necessarily will it look right,   take hold,  or look better at all.    They used to claim hyaluronic acid injections on their own stimulated collagen,   as they did with Radiesse and Sculptra.  Notice a lot of doctors are no longer claiming it can stimulate collagen because too many people have seen that it goes back to exactly what it was or WORSE (from skin sagging more as if from fat loss.)    Google it --- I looked into this for a long time,    but maybe I have too high standards.   But hyaluronic acid serum is cheap as is the powder,   so I take it (just finished the bag tonight)   although honestly I have seen ZERO difference!   It can't penetrate deep into the dermis and fat layer anyway,   or we'd be dead from all the  stuff getting through our skin besides serums.

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