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Dosing Dihexa

dihexa nootropics neurogenesis

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#1 evan45245

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Posted 07 August 2018 - 04:40 PM

I am new to Longecity so please let me know if this isn't the right place to post this. Yesterday I received Dihexa solution from NootropicsSource. I wish to start a discussion on dosing this compound.


My background: 18yo male, moving to start university soon. Abused amphetamines and RC stimulants on and off for the past 2 years. Been off them for the most part since June/July thanks to a largish nootropic stack, particularly thanks to Adamax (N-acetyl semax that has been capped on the C-terminus with the adamantane moiety from P21 [sequence Ac-MEHFPGP-AG-Nh2], created by Ceretropic and no longer sold since they closed). Nootropics that increase neurogenesis have had the most positive effect on me out of everything I've tried. I'm diagnosed with ADHD and depression, but since I've started Adamax, cardio, and working out, my depression has subsided for the most part. My diet is relatively healthy (excludes dairy products, processed sugars, and meat with the exception of fish).


What's interestingly relevant is I have the eye condition strabismus, and I had double vision and had no depth perception for 2+ years (don't remember when it actually started) until I had eye muscle surgery for it previous summer. Before the surgery, my brain had learned to ignore the left eye's vision for the most part so I can focus on details with my right eye. Because of this, my left eye is substantially underdeveloped, and if I close my right eye my left eye's visual field is covered in pronounced black patches and visual snow to the point it becomes seriously difficult to read. I believe my depth perception has partly recovered, but not entirely. I am interested to see if Dihexa can help improve and restore my left eye's vision, though this is not my primary goal in taking this compound.




My Dihexa solution contains polyethylene glycol, ethyl alcohol, and distilled H2O, so, unfortunately, I cannot go about transdermal administration through DMSO. Yesterday afternoon I took my first dose of 15mg sublingually / orally (held the solution for 5 minutes under my tongue, then swallowed it because the taste was awful. Is 5 minutes enough?). I do not notice anything pronounced as of yet, though my dreams last night were distinctly vivid and detailed and I slept better and longer than usual.


Has anybody had experience dosing Dihexa, and what dosing regime did you go about? Afaik it's best to administer daily for 5 days, and then once a week due to its long halflife. My current plan is to take 15mg daily for 5 days, and then switch to 20mg once per week. I've read other reports of 30mg oral doses, but because of its potency, I'm thinking my planned regime is ok. I have also stocked up on NSI-189 and P21 for when I'm at uni, but I've never tried these compounds before and I'm assuming it's best to try out Dihexa alone first. All discussion on this compound and neurogenesis welcome here, I value any input and information others may have to share  :wub:.



#2 evan45245

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Posted 09 August 2018 - 06:46 PM

Want to provide an update on my experience, because it's been really great so far  :-D


So far I'm on Day 4, so one more day left of daily dosing until I switch to weekly doses.


Day 1 I dosed in the afternoon and felt no tangible effects that day. However, my sleep that night drastically improved (usually being 5-8 hours a night, waking up 1-2 times—which I blame on myself for abusing stimulants in the past). Slept a full 10 hours without disruption, and this pattern continued sleeping a full 9 to 11 hours every following night. And on every night thus far, my dreams have been extremely detailed, vivid, and lengthy. I used to wake up extremely groggy and neurotic needing a cold shower or physical exercise to feel totally present, but now my mornings are more clear-headed and I can better manage myself. Day 2 a few hours after my second dose I felt the first effects come on and they were strong. It reminded me of how the first few minutes on the MDMA come up felt; there was more emotion in music and it was overall enhanced. I noticed I was typing a lot more to my friends, similar to a low dose of amphetamines. I went to workout and did my usual routine of cardio and then gym, I felt a lot more motivated though found it a slight bit more difficult [Note: I also added Pregnenolone to my stack this dayThe positive effects persisted throughout the rest of the day, and in the afternoon I met up with with a few friends, two of which were tripping on shrooms for their first time. I felt slightly awkward in social interaction as these weren't my closest buddies (typical of me prior to Dihexa), but eventually, I was able to let go of my anxiety and spend the afternoon with them in good nature. On the drive home, my friend was playing Temptation by Joey Badass, and I saw that song live candyflipping but never knew the name until then. Hearing it incited an even stronger MDMA-like feeling, bordering euphoric.


Day 3 I regret something I wrote to a girl, and felt relatively depressed in the morning. In spite of that, I went to do cardio and workout in efforts to recollect myself, and whilst it had helped, I was still uneasy. The distinct effects of Dihexa I remembered prior had persisted, but the mood lift was somewhat brought down (see bottom for the list of effects I've noticed so far). I saw that all this uneasiness was of my ego, and I had the idea to trip 4-HO-DPT (a psychedelic tryptamine RC) that night. I went on a commute to meet with a friend who I let borrow that psych, and on my way there I started journaling on what I wanted from the trip, and on self-reflection. Quickly this journaling cleared up my mind and put me in a very mindful and charming mindset, and by the time I got home it was already 10PM so I decided to skip out on the trip because my sleep had just started to improve  :laugh:.


Day 4, today—I had woke up feeling the best since starting this Dihexa endeavor. I realized it's best to start cleaning out my room and packing for college, and to also start applying for part-time jobs. I kept getting distracted, typical of my ADHD, and decided to take a 40mg Vyvanse (being the first time I've taken a stimulant for a week). I came up on the Vyvanse subtly, bordering euphoria 3 hours in (note that in taking Vyvanse it wasn't my goal to feel happier, but relieve the symptoms of ADHD to up my productivity for what I had to do). Since getting past the nightmarish period of my amphetamine abuse, I reserve them in low doses for especially intensive days only. As expected, I'm doing well at getting what I need done, and the positive effects of Dihexa and Vyvanse seem to stack. While amphetamines usually kill my appetite, I found myself being able to eat in the same way I do off stimulants. As far as Dihexa's effect on my ADHD, I noticed slight improvements, but nothing substantial. Rather, the effects manifested as an impressively heightened imagination, heightened problem-solving abilities, greater leaps in logic, an increase in verbal fluency, improved abilities in social interaction and conversation, greater consistency in motor function, heightened senses, and a strong yet non-intrusive mood lift. To elaborate on the mood lift specifically, it feels incredibly natural and innate to myself—even moreso than Adamax or Semax. Nothing is exactly different, but my cognition and awareness feel significantly heightened but in much the same pattern I've observed them fluctuate prior to starting Dihexa.


In summary, so far I'm finding Dihexa to have an impressively beneficial effect for me. The general feeling of it is the most natural and pleasant feeling I've experienced off any noot thus far. I will continue in taking it, switching from a 15mg dose to 20mg tomorrow, and then 20mg every following week (sublingually, as I've found the strength to hold it under my tongue for ~10 minutes now :cool:).

Edited by evan45245, 09 August 2018 - 07:12 PM.

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#3 Batguest

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Posted 09 August 2018 - 10:10 PM

Hello, are you sure that the dihexa you have is not fake? I asked the owner of ceretropic Misteryouaresodumb a time ago in reddit if he knew a reliable site to buy dihexa and what´s his opinion of the dihexa and the P21 that Nootropic Source is selling, he said that the P21 isn´t even the correct sequence (fake) and to stay away from that shop (I don´t know if their dihexa is real or not but if their P21 is fake I don´t want to risk and buy any other product there) Same with limitlesslifenootropics. I am searching a reliable site to buy dihexa, I contacted a few companies but still don´t know if I can trust or not (certificates of analysis can be falsified very easy, and the majority of these companies are chinese and they aren´t going to have a problem if they send you a fake product). The companies that for sure are trustworthy sell their dihexa with a very very high price. If you have the appropriate means, can you analyze the dihexa from Nootropic source? It would be very useful for all. Nyles7 who is very known here for selling dihexa, said on reddit that he doesn´t do any testing of their products and he trust his suppliers. So even buying from him is not a realiable way to get real dihexa. More difficult is P21 peptide, it´s fucking difficult find real P21, more than dihexa. Sorry for my bad english :)

#4 Thealchemist26

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Posted 10 August 2018 - 03:02 AM

Have you noticed any cognitive improvement?

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#5 khalidnt

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Posted 16 August 2019 - 03:29 PM

I bought the Dihexa solution, (polyethylene glycol, ethyl alcohol, and distilled H2O) I don't trust to drink the solution, I took it sublingually under my tongue. 


Appreciate sharing your experience with it.



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