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Omega-3's effect time


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Posted 16 October 2018 - 12:55 AM

How long does omega-3 fish oil or its effects last in the body for? I have been supplementing 2200mg daily (1300 EPA, 900 DPA) for mental health for 4 months now, and wonder if the omega-3 or its effects will remain after stopping supplementation for 2-3 weeks.
I started supplementing on omega-3 in June to help with my depression. I have been feeling better over time and feel especially fine these past few weeks. However, I have been doing a lot of other things: exercising, meditating, and elimination diet. I feel like all the things I've done together helped. The problem is, given everything I've done, I don't know if the omega-3 is actually having any significant effect, so I have to test it to find out. I've gotten off it for a week now, and if I knew how long its effects last for, that would be very useful. 
Here's what I mean specifically. From my elimination diet, I know which foods are good for me, but the good results occurred while I was supplementing with omega-3. So after when the omega-3's effects are off, I'm going to have those foods again and see if I can reproduce the good results (I aren't having those foods in these weeks before as I'm still testing other foods on elimination diet). However, if omega-3 is out of my system in just 1-2 weeks, and if I feel fine this 2nd week, then there's no need to test it anymore.

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