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Vegan who is 50 but looks half his age.


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#31 aribadabar

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Posted 06 July 2019 - 09:59 PM

Do you have any pictures of yourself in your 30s, Rocket?


My sister has the same length hair as me and people think she is much older (she is 2 years younger). All of my cousins my age look much older. My mum and dad at my age looked much older at my age too. Probably 99% of my friends I grew up with look at least 10 years older than me now. And that's not just my opinion either lol... that is theirs. 


The girl I met the other week (standing just 5 feet from me) was shocked I was 35 almost. She was so sure that I was only about 18... We talked for about half hour and she asked me 101 questions how I look so young and then was talking about going vegan because of it. 


But I get this all the time... so if it is as you claim: "nothing special going on"... then there would be no reason for people to always ask me.


Even when I talk to people on the phone or in VR using my microphone, they assume (by the sound of my voice) that I'm about 17-18 years old.


Sorry, but I just don't buy your argument that you can just brush it off as being skinny or hair style. We all know plenty of people who are skinny and have long hair in their 30s who look their age (male or female).


The fact that I've been doing calorie restriction half of my life has nothing to do with it.. okay. :)


From looking at pics of you and your friend, you guys go to great lengths to CR/lower T/employ great skincare regimen and that makes you both look boyish.

I am not saying that to denigrate you I just summarize the facts.


As we can see from the comments above,  many women may not like that for someone in their 30s and beyond. You may pick up a younger girl precisely because you look age-appropriate to her, not because she is attracted to your manliness.

You own admission that you sound like 17-18-year old only reinforces my previous point.


In other words, you may have some success with girls in their teens/early 20s but almost no woman in her mid-30s and beyond would find boyish look attractive for a life partner.

Furthermore, the CR restricts the vitality/energy component which Mind alluded to as well which is another turn-off for women.

Not smiling just to prevent wrinkles is just adding a cherry on top of the turn-off cake.


Granted, you may prefer to hang around with teens/20s and that's OK as long as they are aware of your actual age. Some girls break up relationships for nothing other than unacceptable, to them, age difference.

So I guess the bottom line is: yes, you may look youngish but at what personal (let's be honest CR is not fun and I am a "health nut" myself), emotional and relationship cost?

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#32 pamojja

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Posted 06 July 2019 - 10:08 PM

So I guess the bottom line is: yes, you may look youngish but at what personal (let's be honest CR is not fun and I am a "health nut" myself), emotional and relationship cost?


That sentence caught my attention, since its so full of pretense. For which reason looking appropriate to one's age does entail no personal, emotional and relationship costs? If I look around me my age group (above 50) I see none having lost no feathers.

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