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Are there any protocols in the forum to reverse or improve CFS?

pqq cfs mitochondria

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#1 a3mlord

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Posted 04 May 2019 - 11:37 AM

What is the best possible thing to do?

I know that CFS is not a disease per se.

I am still not sure why I have it, may be due to metals screwing up my mitochondria.


Lets assume mitochondrial Dysfunction. Is there any expert on mito protocols here, or some protocols discussed in the forum? I've done some research, can't find much.



#2 dlewis1453

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Posted 13 May 2019 - 08:26 PM

Hi a3mlord,


I know a thing or two about cfs. I recommend you read all the articles and the powerpoint presentations of a doctor named Kent Holtorf. He is a specialist in CFS. He had it and cured himself from it. He treated himself with peptides, specifically the thymic peptides thymosin alpha 1, thymosin beta 4, and thymulin, along with low dose naltrexone, ozone, and thyroid hormone. He uses the same protocol on his patients. 


The thing about CFS is that it can have multiple causes, and multiple pathways in the body become dysregulated, causing symptoms and reinforcing eachother. Your body essentially becomes stuck in a low functioning state due to these feedback loops between the different malfunctioning systems in your body. 


The most common cause of CFS appears to be an infection. Viral infections are sometimes implicated, and bacterial infections (mycoplasma) are common. These bacteria are intracellular, meaning they infect the cells of your body. Some of them infect your white blood cells and hijack your immune system, causing an immune shift from th2 to th1, which makes your body less effective at killing the bacteria while also generating large amounts of inflammation which dysregulates other parts of your body. 


Can you post more about your symptoms and the progression of your condition? 

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#3 Turnbuckle

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Posted 13 May 2019 - 09:18 PM

There is the hard way and the easy way. The easy way is to use your body's own mechanism for detecting and eliminating bad mitochondria. This is done by controlling mitochondrial morphology, which naturally cycles between fission and fusion, but here you drive it all the way in both directions in cyclic fashion, with fission driving mitophagy, and fusion biogenesis. See this post for a protocol.


Note: you are not clearing out defective mitochondria per se, but defective mtDNA, which is where the problem lies.

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#4 ortcloud

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Posted 05 August 2019 - 02:36 AM

you need more data.

Go to a functional medicine doc and check for the whole list of things that are common with cfs and then treat appropriately.

low glutathione
high peroxynitrite/nitrotyrosine
heavy metals


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