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erbisol inflammation chronic inflammation energy

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#1 Redbulloid

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Posted 16 June 2019 - 08:22 PM



In Ukraine we have such medicine - https://erbisol.com....class-sup-span/ . I have injected it, seeking improvement of chronic inflammation issues, and I feel better. Subjectively it feels that it decreases inflammation. Same feeling as if you take mTOR inhibitors or oral steroids, but somehow it feels better. Like maybe when it regulated immune system - not suppressed. Chronic sinusitis symptoms and energy levels are improved dramatically.


Now I am wondering if it is safe and is it helpful for other people. In manual it is written that the medicine is not cancerogenic, mutagenic, etc. Somehow I do not trust it knowing local level of corruption supported by russia. Did anyone had experience with similar products or did anyone researched safety?


I am trying to find studies of similar medicines (by putting keywords in search engine), but so far, I did not get satisfying results.

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