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can l-tryptophan cause brain zaps?

tryptophan prozac

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#1 elc202

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Posted 29 July 2019 - 05:50 AM


I tried many many supplements to stop me from rumination about stupid past events, some of them more than 15 years ago. sometimes i can't even sleep. I also tried mindfulness and cbt.

The only thing that truly worked was prozac, but it 100% killed my sexual desire. i'm a fit male, 38 years old, and i exercise most days of the week.

so i gradually  stopped taking prozac, and my rumination became as bad is it used to be.

what i noticed is, brain zaps are common symptoms you get from stopping ssri, which i experienced occasionally. but when i started to take l-tryptophan (500mgx3  or 500mgx2) as an alternative to prozac, the brain zaps increased 10 folds. happened many times, and i even tested it. i get a day with no brain zaps, then i go and take l-tryptophan and within an hour or less i get them.

it  is odd since i googled the issue and all i see is people recommending the opposite, they recommend  l-tryptophan/5htp to reduce the brain zaps, not to increase them.

can you explain this issue?




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