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Looking for a D1 and D5 agonist


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#1 kurdishfella

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Posted 29 November 2019 - 05:41 AM

I have Pramipexole which works on the rest of the dopamine receptors, but is there a drug that you can get relatively easy and with a decent half-life that work on D1 and D5?


Here are the stats for Prami: 


can you just increase the dosage to get more percentage/activation on each receptor or does it not work that way? For example it only has 42% binding on D4 receptor which seems weak.

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#2 ibtisam_midlet

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Posted 16 December 2019 - 09:16 AM

i think if you take methamphetamine + ibogaine micro-dose you will be fun.

i have searched a lot for selective dopamine receptors agonist but no hope, there a just research chemicals can do that.


why meth? i think you have tolerance to adderal (just i think), meth is strong but addictive (craving), ibogaine is strongest chemical that can treat any craving, even heroin, so it may able to give you ability to use meth safely.

note: many ibogaine users die, because she deosn't have stable/known dose to use, try it by extreme micro-dosing, or try iboga planet


meth will increase release of dopamine + block re-uptake + increase expression of tyrosine hydroxylase + agonist sigma + TAAR1 etc..

if tolerance accur after years of using this might be Phenelzine (MAOI) micro dose will help ^~^


you will face a lot of side effects with this combination like hypertension because indirect agonizing on adrenergic beta receptors you will need beta agonist unable to cross blood brain barrier, because beta in the brain give anti-anexity effect which you don't want to lost, tolerance willn't developed for this action.

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