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Pterostilbene + NMN/NR, Cholesterol & Cancer risks - THOUGHTS/OPINIONS/INFORMATION???

pterostilbene cholesterol study nicotinamide mononucleotide cancer bioavailability chromadex

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#1 kilgoretrout

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Posted 07 January 2020 - 07:05 PM

Decided to take Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (125mg/d) for antiaging effects and other benefits, due to better bioavailability over Nicotimamide Riboside, according to research. Also I continued my earlier practice of taking a combination of Blueberry extract and 50mg/d of pure Pterostilbene which I was taking with NR to improve bioavailability and also ameliorate theoretical risks of DNA damage that is thought to possibly be an effect of NR that some claimed could increase risk of a certain brain cancer.


Re-researched these and here are my  stacked-up questions.  Sorry for the grab-bag but posting separately would get hard to track so I thought one thread about all these issues together might be a good idea. Any thoughts & infos appreciated:


1. General thoughts on the DNA/cancer risks of NR?





    SEE ALSO This as yet uncommented topic here:



    ...which references:



2. Does NMN have the same potential DNA/Cancer risk as NR?


3. Does the improved bioavailability of NMN mean Pterostilbene is not synergistic/required for that aspect?


4. Cholesterol risks of Pterostilbene.  It raises it in some individuals. Chromadex STOPPED taking orders meaning they found the risks to be credible. Thoughts?





    ChromaDex STOPPED taking orders as a result of this study: 



     NOTE: THIS TOPIC here, has remarks that opinionize that the risk is not really an real issue:



    The risk seems minimal, but I do have a high BMI, which is where 2nd link says main risk lies.  BUT the raise is nonetheless SMALL, and I AM on a small dose of statins (10mg/day) which keeps my cholesterol numbers in the OK range, so... perhaps that protects me?  I have NOT had a re-test for Cholesterol since starting this combo.


I am thinking of just ditching BOTH of these as result of all these risks, issues, questions, and the high likelihood they are both just wastes of money to boot.


No doubt there are numerous other topics here with more information and of course wildly conflicting opinions on ALL of  this so I am suffering information overload and concomitant decision paralysis, & seeking overall perspective.




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#2 Oakman

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Posted 08 January 2020 - 02:16 PM

My thoughts.


After several years of NR use and reading multiple research papers on its safety during that time, there seems to be ample evidence that NR is safe at recommended amounts. If it were actually causing cancer in individuals, we would have heard more about this issue by now.


No one knows yet about NMN as there have been fewer studies re:NMN vs NR. My thought is if they both raise NAD+, and NR does not cause problems, NMN probably does not either. But that's only my opinion.


I've never got on board the pterostilbene (-P-) wagon that Elysium started. IMHO it's an expensive resveratrol (-R-) substitute. Chromadex's action is more likely because they are in (have been) in legal battles with Elysium and the fact they probably didn't sell that much in the first place.


Cholesterol levels are a many faceted subject. Is higher really bad, and lower better? Undetermined. It is but one of many risk factors in overall health, and personally, I will never take statins due to their side effects and my avoidance of becoming a lifelong contributor to some drug company's revenue. Diet, exercise, and limiting feeding hours has allowed me to lose ~20 lbs over a few years. My opinion is that these changes exceed by a lot any (supposed) lifespan effect of statins, while removing the obvious detrimental side effects.


As such, I take NR, NMN, no P, but R and other supplements to complement both.

Edited by Oakman, 08 January 2020 - 02:17 PM.

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