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Chitin and mushroom supplements

chaga cordyceps reishi lions mane medicinal mushrooms

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Posted 27 January 2020 - 04:30 AM

I have been buying powdered Reishi for about a year now, and I bought powdered Lion's Mane a couple of months back, now I'm considering adding Chaga to the list...


But while reading on Chaga, I've discovered something called Chitin! Apparently around 60% of the population can barely digest it, while 20% cannot digest it at all, and 20% can digest it somewhat proper. Chitin is what protects the active constituents in mushrooms, so if you cannot digest it, you get jack squat from your precious expensive powdered mushroom!


So my question here is, does that apply to all medicinal mushroom fruiting bodies?


I have immediately felt an energy boost and clearer thinking from Lion's mane at 2.5g at first, then I assumed it just faded into the background.


I have immediately felt a calming relaxing effect from powdered Reishi at first at 2.5g, then I assumed it just faded into the background.


Now I have taken a break from both for a couple of weeks, and I'll start taking them again this week (probably tomorrow).


So either I can digest chitin, either partially or I'm a part of that lucky 20% of the population. I don't know, but maybe I'm part of that 60%, and I'm wasting my money by taking way too high doses to get the effect I could get from a third or quarter of that if I was to buy a dual extract?


On the other hand, I have read that extraction does destroy some constituents... And extracts are more or less more expensive.


Any thoughts? Advice? Ideas? Experiences? Questions? Any help is highly appreciated!

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