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PAYWALLED__Vascular ageing in hypertension: focus on mitochondria

ageing hypertension cardiovascular diseases stroke mitochondria

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Posted 27 May 2020 - 08:42 PM







P A Y W A L L E D    S O U R C E :   Mechanisms of Ageing and Development @ Science Direct







  •  Hypertension accelerates vascular ageing
  •  Mitochondrial dysfunction is a hallmark of vascular ageing
  •  Targeting mitochondria may be a valid strategy to delay vascular ageing
Hypertension is a common age-related disease, along with vascular and neurodegenerative diseases. Vascular ageing increases during hypertension, but hypertension itself accelerates vascular ageing, thus creating a vicious circle. Vascular stiffening, endothelial dysfunction, impaired contractility and vasorelaxation are the main alterations related to vascular ageing, as a consequence of vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cells senescence.
Several molecular mechanisms have been involved into the functional and morphological changes of the aged vessels. Among them, oxidative stress, inflammation, extracellular matrix deregulation and mitochondrial dysfunction are the best characterized. In the present review, we discuss relevant literature about the biology of vascular and cerebrovascular ageing with a particular focus on mitochondria signalling.
We underline the therapeutic strategies, able to improve mitochondrial health, which may represent a promising tool to decrease vascular dysfunction associated with ageing and hypertension-related complications.
O U T L I N E :
1. Introduction
2. Cellular mechanisms in vascular and cerebrovascular ageing
    2.1. VSMCs senescence
    2.2. Endothelial cells senescence

    2.3. Other players in vascular ageing: platelets and immune cells
    2.4. Brain vascular ageing
3. Hypertension and vascular and cerebrovascular ageing
4. Mitochondrial biology in vascular and cerebrovascular ageing
    4.1. Mitochondrial redox status
    4.2. NAD+ and Sirtuins
    4.3. Mitochondrial dynamics
5. Hypertension and mitochondrial dysfunction in vascular cells
6. Genetic variants in hypertension and ageing
7. Role of epigenetics in vascular ageing
8. Mitochondria as therapeutic target in vascular ageing
    8.1. Antioxidant
    8.2. NAD+ supplementation
    8.3. Lyfestyle
9. Conclusion and perspectives
Declaration of Competing Interest


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