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Ideas/Criticisms of my current minimalist stack? Preventing neuroinflammation, BDNF concerns?

bdnf inflammation neuroinflammation nsi-189

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#1 wallheck

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Posted 05 August 2020 - 07:19 PM

I'm trying to have a fairly minimalist stack (<5-6 compounds per day, due to financial reasons and consistency).


I feel like my main issues have been inflammation - I have gotten sick with mono 3(!!) times, and afterwards, my migraines have been way worse. During the illness, I was in constant pain, to the point doctors thought I may have had meningitis at first. I also got a concussion fairly recently, and the subsequent inflammation gave me a migraine for a whole month, and gave me bells palsy. 99% recovered from that though. 


So, I have seen a pretty tight correlation between inflammation/over activity of my immune system and negative symptoms related to migraines and cognition for me. I also probably suffered some nasty death of neurons due to the life-threatening concussion, so I want to address that too, and improve my cognition overall if possible!


Another thing I've noticed relating to inflammation is acne. When I was on a steroid after the concussion, my skin was the clearest it have ever been - and when I came off of it after a few weeks, I broke out worse than ever. 


So, my ideas are to take compounds that can reduce inflammation/slightly suppress immune system, prevent aging.


Here's my current stack:


Dihydromyricetin (250 mg) (attenuate neuroinflammation)


Methylene blue (1 mg) (NOs inhibition for migraines, possibly improving spatial learning/memory)


NSI-189 (20 mg) (decided to take because of depression, concussion recovery, neuroprotection)


Glucosamine Sulfate (3000 mg, added after acne increased from taking first 3. Has really cleared up my skin)


++will add daily NMN sublingual, not sure of dosage yet...


My concerns:


NSI-189 increases BDNF, which may make migraines worse?? https://www.ncbi.nlm...les/PMC3464472/

It seems like it makes the pain worse, as its involved in pain signaling... Which I don't mind, as long as I can get rid of the triggers of the migraine in the first place. (inflammation?)

Not sure if the increase in BDNF is a homeostasis-maintaining response due to disrupted signaling (i.e., increase in anadamide in schizophrenics)


Papers like this: https://www.scienced...889159110004642

make me think that the BDNF increase is actually a response to inflammation, rather than a cause of migraines.


This paper, though: https://www-ncbi-nlm...les/PMC5050398/

shows that inflammation and BDNF have inverse effects -- induce inflammation, BDNF decreases. Increase BDNF, get anti-depressant effects. 


Would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this stack!! (additions, removals, NSI insight)


#2 wallheck

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Posted 19 August 2020 - 03:47 PM

Update: I started taking the NMN. Before taking it, my skin completely cleared up (attributed to Glucosamine immunomodulation). Now, after taking it, my acne has come back fairly strongly. May look into adjusting Glucosamine dosage, or looking into other mild immunosuppressors. 


In terms of migraines/neuroinflammation, I'm still around baseline -- however, I have had some inconsistent caffeine consumption, and have fared a little better on those caffeine induced migraines. Need to stick with this stack for longer to know for sure. 


Other than that, I have tons of new found motivation and feel super healthy, mentally and physically. 

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#3 odder_sea

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Posted 04 October 2020 - 05:07 PM

A good, fully-methylated B complex, and perhaps zinc, could be wise additions.

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#4 wallheck

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Posted 30 January 2021 - 08:55 PM

Long term update


NSI-189 definitely can make migraine pain worse, but is amazing at fixing mood long term even after just a couple doses. 


Methylene blue is a wonder drug at 1 mg per day. Qualitatively, learning and reaction time have improved.


Glucosamine Sulfate is amazing - no psychoactive effects of course, but always makes my skin better and I just feel overall healthier. 


NMN of course is solid.

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