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Confused about methylation test results

methylation sam-e undermethylation overmethylation william walsh homocysteine histamine carl pfeiffer

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#1 greg9840

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Posted 03 September 2020 - 06:44 PM

Hello everyone,


I just got my methylation lab tests back but I am very confused.  My doctor practices the William Walsh protocol, which was created by William Walsh, who worked under Carl Pfeiffer, one of the early pioneers of vitamin therapy.  My understanding going into it was that histamine was the ultimate biomarker in regards to methylation.  They say if your histamine is low, then you are an overmethylator.  If your histamine is high, you are an undermethylator.  So, my blood test showed that my histamine was low, indicating I am an overmethylator.  But they also did a sam-e/SAH profile on me and it showed low sam-e, elevated SAH and a low sam-e/SAH ratio, which indicates I am an undermethylator.  Also, I'm not sure if it's relevant, but my homocysteine level was elevated.  The doctor has concluded that I am undermethylated.  I didn't speak with him - I only talked to his nurse, who couldn't explain the apparent contradiction between my histamine test and my sam-e/SAH test - she was only able to tell me that the doctor says I am an undermethylator and prescribed specific supplements.  So, my question is - what does this apparent contradiction in my tests mean?  Does it mean that at least one of my test results is invalid, or that William Walsh is plain wrong, or is there an explanation that makes sense that is consistent with the William Walsh program, such as me having complex metabolic problems?



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