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How accurate are Ray Kurzweil's predictions?

kurzweil singularity breakthroughs biomedicine dna sequencing computing brain artificial intelligence robotics

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#241 Dream Big

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Posted 19 January 2019 - 07:05 AM

  • Virtual artists—creative computers capable of making their own art and music—emerge in all fields of the arts.

NOPE -- The Culture we are yet not



  • Massively parallel neural nets and genetic algorithms are in wide use.





Claim one. I mostly object. I study the AI field a lot, and Ian Goodfellow invented GANs in 2014, and if you watch Two Minute Paper videos on Youtube - you can see how they learn to generate fake artwork, faces, increase photo resolution, add styles, videos from line drawings, text-to-image!!!!, image colorization from B&W reallllly extra good!!, make faces smile! magic!, etc!, it's the bleeding edge and amazing, mind-dropping. A painting made by AI was recently just sold for a huge amount of money. Music remains much more dry but they are generating piano music, lip sync real time generate audio to a face with no sound, even stories using Sequence Prediction that model a given dataset to look like. As for in all fields of the arts, I would say so, because as you can read on articles and AI Papers - they are plowing out so many types of AI neural network variants and they are being applied to so many crazy things! Like detecting cancer, or making someone else dance to a pose, etc.


!!!! https://gizmodo.com/...-int-1828413827


See mine I made attached, it is so cool.


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As for the second claim, not arguing it much at all, but, not sure if Google is using them much but before we know it our cellphones may be using their cloud's genetic algorithm, or a GAN or something better. The rate of the AI field is astounding. Definitely not far off from happening or being the case at present. And, the amount of AI scientists using them is a lot, so in a sense it is widespread.

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#242 Dream Big

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Posted 20 January 2019 - 03:49 PM

To further that, text to video:




Text to big resolution bird image:

(refresh the page and try again if it doesn't pop up your image in like 7 seconds (maybe))


Read about it here: https://www.ailab.mi...41-0118f414bd78

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#243 Dream Big

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Posted 21 May 2019 - 02:46 AM

For beginners to AI / AGI, you will get a beyond-well drive if you check out all the content in the 3 links please:




Specifically, GPT-2, Musenet, etc on Open AI, are prime areas.

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