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C60 experiments @ home

buckyball c60 fullerene buckyballs

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Posted 18 January 2019 - 02:40 PM

Hi I'll try and answer the questions and concerns raised in the last few posts,
I've been taking home mixed C60oo for over 6 years now with only positive results , better breathing despite having a small amount of emphysema , still there but doesn't show up in spirometry tests my breathing is normal for a guy my age, I can now take deep breaths and fill my lungs and a tightness under the right shoulder blade disappeared within two weeks of starting on C60 , and I still smoke the benefits are still there ,also I can walk much further without lactic acid build up in my leg muscles,
I've used the SES 99.5 THE cheapest they sell , the amount of impurities are minute being soot and toluene , the amount of toluene left in 1 gram of C60 is less than the amount allowed in 1 litre of drinking water according to the poisons regulators in the USA and the C60 is about a years supply once mixed while the drinking water you would consume in a couple of days so don't worry about it the question of why no scientific tests have been done is simply this is not a drug or organic it's an industrial mineral and the effects mentioned in the Baati rat study were to see if it was toxic in a factory environment as its used in solar panels and electronics plus new types of batteries under development, trying to get money to scientifically test this would I should imagine be almost impossible,
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