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Employment crisis: Robots, AI, & automation will take most human jobs

robots automation employment jobs crisis

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Posted 28 February 2021 - 07:28 PM

The thread has drifted for a while; with an exponential growth curve nodding off is not a great idea. If you do take a nap, when you wake up you could find

the entire planet covered in green goo.


The above figure helps us to see what the robobuggies have been up to since we had our dooze. Apparently we are now on a 6 month doubling;

a quadruple every year. This means that the green goo should be heading your way in about 5 years (or less). 4^^5 = 2^^10 = 1000.


At the ten year mark the green goo would more than cover the planet: How well can you swim? 4^^10 = 2^^20 = 1,000,000.

A million fold deliveries moves us up to 1 trillion. 100 deliveries for everyone on the planet? Obviously there is something called an asymptote, though

this asymptote might be attainable much more rapidly than currently imagined.


It has been noted previously on the thread that robobuggies will offer a range of substantial health benefits to people. For instance, a post reported that there

are large food deserts in America (typically in disadvantaged regions). Entire communities do not have reasonable access to healthy fruits, veggies etc.. This can contribute risk 

to health problems such as diabetes, obesity, circulatory disease, cancer, Alzheimer's etc.. Robobiggies could give tens of million of Americans access to the foods and

other items that could make them healthier.


Robobuggies could also prevent the emergence of any future pandemic (especially respiratory pandemics such as COVID). A strictly enforced stay at home order with robobuggy technology

would mean that infectious illnesses could be possibly entirely stopped after only one infection cycle (for COVID ~2 -3 weeks). Shutting down society over the long term might never be required again.

During COVID it was still necessary to go shopping and this maintained the transmission of the virus. Stopping all transmission would rapidly halt a pandemic. 

The end of infectious pandemics?


Given all the wonderful benefits to the well being of everyone on this planet, I thought it was appropriate to nominate Starship for a Nobel Prize in Medicine(or Physiology).

I am not sure whether I have the appropriate authorization to make such a nomination, though I think it would be helpful if others could at least consider this suggestion.

The problem in life is that we can become so fixated on stylized type of what can be given awards such as the Nobel in Medicine without actually carefully deliberating

on what truly benefits people. The benefits of offering everyone on this planet reasonable access to healthy food, to potentially averting future pandemics, enhancing

personal security (by allowing people to avoid often dangerous urban transportation grids etc.), reduced pollution, ... . What's not to like? Robobuggies have and

will continue to make a profound contribution to better health for all. Yeah! A Nobel well-deserved.





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