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Stack targeting Mitochondrial functioning

mitochondrial mitochondria hammer nutrition cfs sleep disorder blood

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#1 TheBatman

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Posted 26 June 2014 - 07:00 PM

Is there anything I should be concerned with in this stack?


I went to a blood specialist this week and despite my chronic fatigue and low motivation issues, he said that my blood was one of the most healthy he's seen come in there in a while.


He told me the most accurate diagnosis he could make was an unspecified sleep disorder accompanied with cfs. He suggested I order a few supplements that target mitochondrial functioning and help with cell respiration. He also recommended that I ride a bike or do some form of light exercise for an hour a day (I guess heavy lifting at the gym isn't exactly the same thing). The two things he said would be specifically good were Hammer Nutrition Mito Caps( http://www.zombierun...product397.html ) and Hammer Nutrition Race Caps Supreme ( http://www.zombierunner.com/store/brands/hammer_nutrition/product398.html )


So far they've worked well, but you never know what could potentially happen long term..



#2 Trevor

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Posted 26 June 2014 - 10:33 PM

Wow.  Talk about a massively overpriced supplement (most branded supps are).  If I were you, I would definitely start exercising.  As far as supplements, go for ALCAR and ALA and PQQ.  Life Extension has their Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer that has those as well as some other stuff, but if money is a concern, start with those three.  Swanson or Vitacost will sell them about as cheap as you will find.  Also, methylene blue has some very interesting research behind it in regards to mitochondrial function.  You may also look into c60.  I've taken it for a couple years and can't say that I feel anything at all. 

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