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summary of hair loss genes and substances with effect

hair hair loss alopecia androgenic genetics gene

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#1 zorba990

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Posted 18 January 2017 - 02:55 AM

I ran into this on another forum, fascinating stuff, especially considering titanium in sunscreens likely gets into the hairline.

From: http://www.hairlossh...=y&STARTPAGE=84

"Originally posted by: eldarlmario

So we take Dr Cotsarelis's findings:

ALL genes UPREGULATED in haired-scalp when compared to bald scalp as indicated in Dr Cotsarelis's patent- with reference from ctdbase.org(from most to least- bold for beneficial for the hair, underlined for non-beneficial for the hair):

GPRC5D: Tretinoin=UP(from the GPRC5D study with all trans retinoid acid), Zinc=DOWN, Dibutyl Phthalate=UP

CDT6(aka ANGPTL7): Valproic acid=UP, Tretinoin=DOWN, 2,2',4,4'-tetrabromodiphenyl ether=UP

LY6G6D: Valproic acid=AFFECTED, Fullerene C60=DOWN, Titanium dioxide=UP

S100A3: Calcitriol=UP, Valproic acid=UP, Titanium dioxide=DOWN, Lithium Chloride=UP

COMP: Valproic acid=UP, Titanium Dioxide=UP, Zinc=DOWN,

PSORS1C2: 2,2',4,4'-tetrabromodiphenyl ether=UP

DAZ2: 8-Bromo cAMP=UP

DAZ4: ?

GPR49(aka LGR5): Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Resveratrol=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP

Hypothetical protein MGC4504(aka CHAC1): Phenobarbital=DOWN, 2,2',4,4'-tetrabromodiphenyl ether=UP, Copper=UP, Dibutyl Phthalate=UP, Zinc=UP, Titanium dioixde=DOWN, Silicon dioxide=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Valproic acid=DOWN

FGF18(via FoxP1): Tretinoin=UP, Valproic acid=UP

DAZ3: ?

K6HF(aka KRT75): Copper sulfate=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Tretinoin=DOWN

SERPINA1: Caffeine=UP, Copper=DOWN, Phenobarbital=UP, Dibutyl Phthalate=UP, Flutamide=DOWN(AR blockers), Fullerene C60=UP, Genistein=UP, Omeprazole=AFFECTED, Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Resveratrol=UP, Valproic acid=DOWN

DKFZP565A1524(aka FAM49A): Valproic acid=UP, Butyraehdye=UP, Calcitriol=UP, Tretinoin=DOWN, Zinc=DOWN

LRRC15: Valproic acid=UP, Genistein=UP, Fullerene C60=DOWN

dkfzp564O0823(aka PARM1): Valproic acid=UP, Copper=UP, Dibutyl Phthalate=UP, Zinc=DOWN

SLC27A6: Pirinixic acid=UP, Tretinoin=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP

PPP2R1B: Valproic acid=UP, Vitamin E=DOWN, Tretinoin=DOWN, Pirinixic acid=UP, Fullerene C60=DOWN, Flutamide(assuming other AR blockers as well)=DOWN, Copper sulfate=DOWN

EHD3: Zinc=UP, Valproic acid=UP, Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Fullerene C60=UP, Halofuginone=UP

BAMBI: Copper=UP, Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP, Tretinoin=AFFECTED

BNC2: Valproic acid=UP, Tretinoin=UP

PDZRN3: Pirinixic acid=UP, Tretinoin=UP, 8-bromo cAMP=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP

CHST2: Valproic acid=UP, Fullerene C60=UP

BMP2: Tretinoin=UP, Resveratrol=UP, Calcitriol=UP, Fullerene C60=DOWN, Genistein=UP, Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Valproic acid=DOWN, PGE2(via the EP4 Receptor)=UP

SERPINA3: Prozac=UP, Ketoconazole=UP, Copper sulfate=DOWN, Curcumin=DOWN, Calcitirol=UP, Tretinoin=UP

LHX2: Zinc=DOWN, Valproic acid=DOWN, Tretinoin=DOWN, Resveratrol=UP, Copper sulfate=UP, Carbamazepine=Affected

SLC7A8: Valproic acid=UP, Calcitriol=DOWN, Pirinixic acid=DOWN

THBS1: Genistein=UP, Curcumin=DOWN, Dopamine=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Resveratrol=Affected, Tretinoin=Affected, Valproic acid=UP, Copper=UP

DNAJC8: Valproic aicd=UP, Pirinixic acid=DOWN

MYCN: Tretinoin=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP, Resveratrol=DOWN, Copper=UP, Phenobarbital=DOWN, Panthothenic acid(aka Vitamin B5)=UP

SLN: Zinc=DOWN, Titianium dioxide=DOWN, Pirinixic acid=Affected, Fullerene C60=Affected, Trichostatin A(presumably Valproic acid as well)=UP

FLRT3: Calcitriol=UP, Prinixic acid=UP, Titanium dioxide=Affected, Tretinoin=UP, Valproic acid=Affected, Vitamin E=DOWN

HOXC13(This gene is at the centre of multiple crossroads in regards to hair stem cell activation): Valproic acid=UP

SLC7A11: Valproic acid=UP, Curcumin=UP, Copper sulfate=UP, Tretinoin=DOWN, 8-Bromo cAMP=DOWN, Bicalutamide(assuming for other AR blockers as well)=UP, Copper=UP, Prozac=UP, Genistein=DOWN, Sulfasalazine=DOWN, Zinc=UP

AF1Q: Pirinixic acid=UP, Tretinoin=UP, Copper=UP, Valproic acid=DOWN, Lithium Chloride=DOWN

NR4A2: Pirinixic acid=UP, Valproic acid=UP, 8-Bromo cAMP=UP, Copper sulfate=UP, Curcumin=DOWN, Prozac=DOWN, Lithium Chloride=UP, PGE2=UP, Titanium Dioxide=UP, Zinc=UP

MEST: Copper sulfate=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Valproic acid=DOWN, Titanium Dioxide=UP

TMSSF1: Calcitriol=DOWN, Pirinixic acid=UP, Lithium Chloride=UP, Valproic acid=AFFECTED

CRLF1: Valproic acid=UP, Tretinoin=UP, Fullerene C60=UP

CDC42EP3: Tretinoin=DOWN, Calcitriol=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Valproic acid=DOWN

FABP4(By examing the chemicals that upregulate/downregulate it- it is easy to tell that this gene has got something to do with adipogenesis): Pirinixic acid=UP, PGJ2=UP, Resveratrol=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP, Calcitriol=DOWN, Ethanol=DOWN, Caffeine=DOWN, Bicalutamide=UP(and presumably any AR Blockers), Capsaicin=DOWN, PGD2=UP, Tretinoin=UP, Zinc=DOWN

MSX2: Valproic acid=UP, Tretinoin=UP, Calcitriol=UP

S100P: Bicaluatamide=UP(and presumbably other AR blockers), Copper=UP, Calcitriol=UP, Resveratrol=UP, Zinc=UP, Tretinoin=UP

SDC2: Copper=UP, Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Ascrobic acid=DOWN, Nitric Oxide=DOWN, Tretinoin=DOWN, Trichostatin A=DOWN(presumably Valproic acid as well), Vitamin E=UP, Resveratrol=UP, Glucosamine=DOWN

BASP1: Valproic acid=UP, Tretinoin=DOWN, Genistein=DOWN, Fullerene C60=DOWN, Copper sulfate=UP

KAL1: butyraldehyde=UP, Valproic acid=UP

TNFRSF12A: Croton Oil=UP, Calcitriol=UP, Genistein=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP

CDC42EP3: Tretinoin=DOWN, Calcitriol=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Dibutyl Phthalate=UP, Valproic acid=DOWN

ABCA4: Copper sulfate=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP

CYFIP2: Valproic acid=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Tretinoin acid=UP

KIAA0992(aka PALLD): Valproic acid=UP, Tretinoin=UP, Calcitriol=DOWN, Copper=UP, Pirinixic acid=AFFECTED

UNC5B: Pirinixic acid=UP, 8-Bromo cAMP=DOWN, Copper sulfate=UP, Butyraldehyde=UP, Valproic acid=UP, Titanium Dioxide=UP

TIMP3: Valproic acid=UP, Genistein=DOWN, Dibutyl Phthalate=UP, Capsaicin=UP, Copper sulfate=DOWN, Calcitriol=DOWN, Glucosamine=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Phthalic acids=UP, Resveratrol=DOWN, Tretinoin=UP, Vitamin E=UP, Zinc=UP, Curcumin=DOWN

GPR34: Iron=DOWN

MSX1: Valproic acid=UP. Tretinoin=UP, Copper sulfate=UP

Selenbp1(examing the chemical agents that upregulate/downregulate this gene- it seems that androgenic agents upregulates it. e.g DHT): Dibutyl Phalate=DOWN, DHT=UP, Flutamide=DOWN(presumably other AR blockers), Genistein=DOWN, Fullerene C60=UP, Glucosamine=DOWN, Valproic acid=DOWN, Zinc=DOWN, Tretinoin=UP

PAMCI(aka RASSF9): Pirinixic acid=UP, Trichostatin A=UP(valproic acid as well), Titanium Dioxide=DOWN, Butyraldehyde=DOWN

CTSL2: Valproic acid=UP, Butyraldehyde=UP

CREB5: Copper sulfate=UP, Flutamide=UP(AR blockers), Valproic acid=UP, Titanium Dioxide=UP, Tretinoin=AFFECTED

VSNL1: Valproic acid=dose-dependent, Tretinoin=DOWN, Halofuginone=DOWN, Calcitriol=DOWN, Dibutyl Phthalate=UP, Phthalic acid=DOWN, Titanium Dioxide=DOWN

S100A2: Copper=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP, Zinc=Affected

UBE2H: Valproic acid=UP, Copper sulfate=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Titanium dioxide=UP, Tretinoin=UP

PKP1: Pirinixic acid=UP, Fullerene C60=DOWN, Butyraldhyde=UP

SLCO3A1: Valproic acid=UP, Dibutyl Phthalate=UP, Phthalic acid=DOWN, Tretinoin=DOWN

PPP1R2: Valporic acid=UP, Butyraldhyde=UP, Flutamide=UP(AR blockers), Resveratrol=UP

B7-H4(aka VTCN1): Valproic acid=UP, Tretinoin=UP, Pirinixic acid=Down

SDC1: Pirinixic acid=AFFECTED, Tretinoin=DOWN, Copper=UP, Miconazole=DOWN,

ELOVL6: Pirinixic acid=UP, Butyraldehyde=DOWN, Copper=DOWN, Dibutyl Phthalate=DOWN, Omega-6=UP, Glucosamine=UP, Phthalic acid=DOWN, Tretinoin=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP

STK17A: Valproic acid=UP, Resveratrol=UP

DACH1: Valproic acid=UP, Tretinoin=UP, Titanium DIoxide=AFFECTED

SOX9: Tretinoin=DOWN, Dibutyl Phthalate=DOWN, Pirinixic acid=UP, Valproic acid=UP, Resveratrol=UP, Copper sulafate=DOWN, Curcumin=UP, Calcitriol=UP, Vitamin E=DOWN, Niacinamide=DOWN


PTP4A1: Pirinixic acid=UP, Dibutyl Phthalate=DOWN, Valproic acid-AFFECTED, Butyrates=DOWN, Copper sulfate=DOWN, Calcitriol=UP, Fullerene C60=DOWN, Phenobarbital=UP, Silicon dioxide=UP, Vitamin E=DOWN, 8-bromo cAMP=UP

TUBB: Valproic acid=DOWN, Genistein=DOWN, Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Titianium dioxide=UP, Vitamin E=UP

PCOLCE2: Titanium Dioxide=DOWN, Tretinoin=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP, 2,2',4,4'-tetrabromodiphenyl ether=UP, Copper sulfate=DOWN, Silicon dixoide=DOWN, Halofuginone=UP

CYP1B1: Valproic acid=UP, Genistein=DOWN, Resveratrol=DOWN, Omeprazole=UP, Tretinoin=UP, Ethanol=UP, Ketoconazole=DOWN, Biotin=UP, Copper sulfate=UP, cAMP=UP, Titanium Dioxoide=DOWN

ADAMTS1: Valproic acid=UP, Dibutyl Phthalate=UP, DHT=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP

ACTN1: Dibutyl Phalate=UP, Copper sulfate=UP, Valproic acid=UP

LTBP2: Copper=UP, Dibutyl Phthalate=AFFECTED, Calcitriol=UP, Zinc=DOWN

PCDH7: Valproic acid=UP, Tretinoin=UP, Titanium Dioxide=AFFECTED

NFIL3: Dibutyl Phthalate=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Fullerene C60=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP

GPR161: Valproic acid=UP

HEPH(this gene has got something to do with intracellular Iron metabolism): Valproic acid=DOWN, Copper=UP, Zinc=UP, Titanium Dioxide=DOWN

FZD7: Butyraldehyde=DOWN, Pirinixic acid=UP, Tretinoin=AFFECTED, Trichostatin A=UP(presumbably Valproic acid as well)

CLIC4: Valporic acid=UP, Zinc=DOWN, Copper=UP, Butyraldehyde=UP

ID3: Tretinoin=UP, Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Titanium Dioxide=DOWN, Valproic acid=DOWN, Zinc=AFFECTED, Lithium CHloride=DOWN, Caffeine=UP, Copper sulfate=UP, Glucosamine=UP, Lithium chloride=DOWN, PGF2A=DOWN

ALL genes DOWNREGULATED in haired-scalp when compared to bald scalp(from least to most- bold for beneficial for the hair, underlined for non-beneficial for the hair). By downregulating the genes below here- we basically fulfill the other half of the 'cure':

OMD: Dopamine=DOWN, Ethanol=DOWN, Orphenadrine(a common muslce relaxant)=DOWN, Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Titanium Dioxide=DOWN, Silicon Dioxoide=UP, Valproic acid=DOWN

IGF1: Fullerene C60=DOWN, Capsaicin=UP, Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Zinc=AFFECTED, Resveratrol=AFFECTED, Valproic acid=UP, Ethanol=UP

IRF1: Clofibric acid=DOWN, Phenobarbital=DOWN, Mangiferin=DOWN, Thioctic(aka alpha lipoic acid)=DOWN, Tretinoin=UP, Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP, Calcitriol=DOWN, Flutamide(AR blockers)=DOWN, Glucosamine=DOWN

OLFML3: Phenobarbital=DOWN, Oxyquinoline=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP, Genistein=UP, Resveratrol=UP, Tretinoin=UP, Vitamin E=UP, Silicon Dioxide=DOWN

IGKC: Ketoconazole=DOWN, Phenobarbital=DOWN,

GPR105(aka P2RY14): Phenobarbital=AFFECTED, Pirinixic acid=AFFECTED, Phthalic acid=DOWN, Tretinoin=UP

NMU: Valproic acid=UP, Butyradehyde=UP, Copper=UP, Calcitriol=DOWN, Pirinixic acid=UP, Resveratrol=UP, Tretinoin=UP

PCSK2: Copper sulfate=DOWN

MOXD1: PPAR Alpha=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP, Butyraldhyde=UP, Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Tretinoin=UP, Vitamin E=UP, Zinc=DOWN

PTPRC: Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Genistein=UP, Titanium Dioxide=UP, Tretinoin=UP

CTSK: Titanium Dioxoide=UP, Zinc sulfate=DOWN, Ascorbic acid=UP, Ethanol=UP, Fullerene C60=UP, Genistein=DOWN, Silicon dioxide=UP, Tretinoin=AFFECTED, Valproic acid=DOWN, Calcitriol=DOWN, Zinc=UP

TRIM22: Valproic acid=DOWN, Butyraldehyde=DOWN, Copper sulfate=DOWN, Tretinoin=DOWN

RUNX3: Phthalic acid=AFFECTED, Tretinoin=DOWN, Valproic acid=AFFECTED

DSCR1L1(aka RCAN2): Pirinixic acid=UP, Titanium Dioxide=UP, Tretinoin=UP, Valproic acid=UP, 2,2',4,4'-tetrabromodiphenyl ether=DOWN

OSR2: 2,2',4,4'-tetrabromodiphenyl ether=DOWN, Calcitriol=UP, Butyraldhyde=UP, Copper=DOWN, Copper sulfate=DOWN, Dibutyl Phthalate=DOWN, Phthalic acid=DOWN, Vitamin E=UP

PDGFRL: Valproic acid=UP, Tretinoin=DOWN, 2,2',4,4'-tetrabromodiphenyl ether=DOWN, Copper sulfate=DOWN, Dibutyl Phthalate=UP, Lithium CHloride=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Titanium Dioxide=DOWN

PLA2G2A: Valproic acid=UP, Curcumin=DOWN, DMSO=DOWN, Fullerene C60=UP, Genistein=DOWN, Acetovanillone=DOWN, PGE2=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Tretinoin=UP, Resveratrol=DOWN

CXCL9: Silicon Dioxide=UP, Titanium Dioxide=UP, Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Flutamide(AR blockers)=UP, Resveratrol=DOWN, Tretinoin=UP, Luteolin=DOWN

PSMB9: Pirinixc acid=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP, Tretinoin=UP, Fullerene C60=DOWN, Lithium Chloride=UP, Salicylic acid=UP, Titanium Dioxide=UP, Vitamin E=UP

BCHE: Valproic acid=Dose-dependent, Pirinixic acid=UP, Calcitriol=DOWN, Genistein=UP, Resveratrol=UP

DPT: Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Titanium dioxide=DOWN, Tretinoin=DOWN, Vitamin E=UP

ADRA2A: Pirinxic acid=UP, Valproic acid=UP, Fullerene C60=DOWN, Tretinoin=UP, Yohimbine=DOWN

LYZ: Copper sulfate=DOWN, Curcumin=DOWN, Calcitriol=UP, Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Resveratrol=DOWN, Tretinoin=DOWN, Trichostatin(valproic acid)= UP

CCL18: 2,2',4,4'-tetrabromodiphenyl ether=UP, acetovanillone(aka Apocynin)=DOWN

MMP2: Halofuginone=DOWN, Tretinoin=dose-dependent, Ethanol=UP, Resveratrol=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP, Curcumin=DOWN, Berberine=DOWN, Capsaicin=UP, Copper=UP, GHK-CU=UP, Fullerene C60=UP, Genistein=DOWN, Glucosamine=AFFECTED, Ginsenoside Rg3=DOWN, Gingerol=DOWN(ok so ginger really does indeed help AGA in some way- at least by downregulating MMP2), PGE2=UP, Titanium dioxide=DOWN, Vitamin E=UP

IFI27: Phenobarbital=DOWN, Ascorbic acid=UP, Butyraldehyde=UP, Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Titanium dioxide=UP, Zinc sulfate=DOWN

HAL: Pirinixic acid=DOWN, Phenobarbital=DOWN, Calcitriol=UP, Ketoconazole=AFFECTED, Silicon dioxide=DOWN, Titanium dioxide=UP, Tretinoin=UP, Valproic acid=DOWN, Zinc=DOWN

C3: PPAR Alpha=DOWN, Genistein=UP, Titanium dioxide=UP, Mangiferin=DOWN, Ascorbic acid=UP, Androgens=UP, Curcumin=DOWN, Resveratrol=UP, Tacrolimus=UP, Isoproterenol=DOWN

ENPP4: Valproic acid=UP, Butyraldehyde=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Resveratrol=UP, Zinc=UP

STMN2: Valproic acid=UP, Fullerene C60=DOWN, Titanium dioxide=DOWN, Pirinixic acid=DOWN

AOX1: Valproic acid=DOWN, Phenobarbital=UP, Vitamin K3=DOWN, 2,2',4,4'-tetrabromodiphenyl ether=AFFECTED, Butyraldehyde=UP, Isoprotenol=UP, Phthalic acid=DOWN, Pirinixic acid=AFFECTED, Silicon dioxide=DOWN

ARS(aka SLURP1): Valproic acid=AFFECTED

ALDH1A1(by examining the chemicals involved here- it is easy to tell that this gene has got something to do with Reactive Oxidative Species generation. Tell-tale signs that bald scalp has got high oxidative stress levels): Pirinixic acid=UP, Phenobarbital=UP, Valproic acid=UP, Copper=UP, Ethanol=UP, Flutamide(AR blockers)=AFFECTED, Miconazole=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Phenytoin=UP, Resveratrol=DOWN, Silymarin=DOWN, Spironolactone=UP, Tacrolimus=DOWN, Titanium dioxide=DOWN, Tretinoin=DOWN, Zinc=DOWN

PLP1: Dibutyl Phthalate=DOWN, Valproic acid=DOWN, Caffeine=UP, Genistein=DOWN, Tretinoin=AFFECTED

CILP: Genistein=UP, Isoproterenol=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Copper=DOWN

CCL19: Titanium dioxide=UP, Silicon Dioxide=UP, Butyraldehyde=DOWN, Capsaicin=UP, Fullerene C60=DOWN, Zinc CHloride=DOWN

FOSB: Shikonin=UP,Copper=UP, Lithium=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Silicon dioxide=UP, Tretinoin=UP, Valproic acid=dose-dependent, Luteolin=DOWN,

FOS(aka c-FOS)(ok this gene has an massively-overwhelming amount of chemicals that upregulate it and is in the top 5 most downregulated gene in haired-scalp. Addressing this gene is critical in halting hairloss n regrowing hair.): Shikonin=UP, Baclofen=DOWN, Tretinoin=dose-dependent, Valproic acid=dose-dependent, Zinc=UP, Bicalutamide(AR blockers)=DOWN, Lithium Chloride=UP, Butyric acid=UP, Caffeine=UP, Bicuculline=DOWN, Carbamazepine=DOWN, Capsaicin=UP, Copper=UP, Curcumin=DOWN(especially in hypoxic conditions- like in the bald scalp), Levodopa=UP, Dopamine=UP, Ethanol=UP(a good reason why ethanol should be used as little as possible in a vehicle), Glucosamine=DOWN, Genistein=UP, Isoproterenol=UP, Lithium Chloride=UP, Resveratrol=DOWN

PTGDS: Antipyrine=DOWN, Butyraldehyde=UP, Ethanol=DOWN, Prozac=DOWN, Genistein=DOWN, Isoproterenol=UP, Titanium Dioxide=DOWN, Tetracycline(Doxycycline as well)=UP, Tretinoin=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP, Vitamin E=UP

Hence from PTGDS:

PTGDR2(aka CRTH2 aka GPR44): Ramatroban=DOWN, OC=DOWN, TM30089=DOWN, Setipiprant=DOWN, Fullerene C60=DOWN, Indomethacin=UP, PGD2=UP

CORIN: Phenobarbital=DOWN, Pirinixic acid=UP, Isoproterenol=UP, SERPINA1=DOWN

END of ALL the genes mentioned in Dr Cotsarelis's patent.

WNT3A: Valproic acid=UP, Tretinoin=DOWN, Resveratrol=UP

WNT5A: Valproic acid=UP, Calcitriol=UP, Halofuginone=UP, Phenobarbital=UP, Resveratrol=DOWN, Silicon dioxide=Down

WNT7A: Fullerene C60=UP, Tretinoin=UP, PPAR Alpha agonists=UP

WNT7B: Calcitriol=UP, Tretinoin=UP

WNT10A: Valproic acid=UP, Butyradehyde=UP, Tretinoin=DOWN

WNT10B: PGJ2=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP, Butyraldehyde=UP, p53=DOWN

Beta Catenin: Lithium Chloride=UP, Resveratrol=DOWN, Sulfasalazine=DOWN(ok it's official- sulfasalazine downregulates b-catenin), Quecertin=DOWN, Curcumin=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP, Capsaicin=UP, Corosolic acid=DOWN, Fullerene C60=UP, PGE2=UP, Pirinixic acid=UP, Vitamin E=DOWN, Tretinoin=AFFECTED, Zinc=DOWN

CD34: Valproic acid=UP, PGE2 EP2 receptor=UP

CD49F: Pirinixic acid=UP, Dibutyl Phthalate=UP, Tretioin=UP, Flutamide(AR blockers)=DOWN, Iron=DOWN, Phthalic acid=UP, Titanium dioixde=DOWN, Valproic acid=UP

CD200: Halofuginone=UP, Phenobarbital=UP, Calcitriol=UP, Tretinoin=DOWN, Valproic acid=DOWN


And translate it back into the findings in the Scoliosis study:

Experimental small molecule pharmalogical solutions for AGA by topical/oral route administration in order of descending preference(would be updated from time to time):

Simplified once and for all


All affected genes indicated in the Scoliosis study:

TATA <= Topical/oral Palmitoylethanolamide or any PPAR Alpha receptor agonists

HNF4 <= Topical Valproic acid or any Androgen receptor inhibitors.

RAR <= Topical Tretinoin in ultra low dose

RXRA <= Topical/oral Palmitoylethanolamide or any PPAR Alpha receptor agonists.

STAT(STAT3) <= Topical Valproic acid, topical Copper

BATF <= Topical/oral Palmitoylethanolamide or any PPAR Alpha receptor agonists.

COMP <= Topical Valproic acid, topical/oral Titanium dioxide

VDR <= Topical Calcitirol/Calcipotriol, topical Valproic acid, topical Tretinoin in ultra low dose, topical/oral Palmitoylethanolamide or any PPAR Alpha receptor agonists.

HDAC2 <= Topical Valproic acid, topical/oral Fullerene C60

CART1 aka ALX1 <= Topical Valproic acid, topical Tretinoin in ultra low dose.

FOXA(this gene is the 1 primarily responsible for activating DKK1 and hence- GSK3B on the balding scalp. It is also the reason why estrogenic molecules inhibit Dkk1) <= Topical Valproic acid.

FOXP1 <= Topical Valproic acid, Topical Tretinoin in ultra low dose, topical Copper, oral/topical Titanium dioxide.

GATA(GATA3) <= Topical Valproic acid, Topical/oral Palmitoylethanolamide or any PPAR Alpha receptor agonists, oral/topical Titanium dioxide.

H6 family homeobox 2. Ok i havent figure yet whether it's an agonism or antagonoism that will deal with this gene- if it's even related to AGA, that is. Anyway there are a few drugs on the opposing ends of addressing this gene and it is IMO that it has to be done by oral route cos it seems to affect the inner ears more. Agonists: Oral Valproic acid or any oral anticonvulsants. Antagonists: Oral Fullerene C60, Oral Palmitoylethanolamide or any PPAR Alpha receptor agonists.

IRF(IRF1) <= Topical/oral Palmitoylethanolamide or any PPAR Alpha receptor agonists.

PAX5 <= Topical Tretinoin in ultra low dose.

P300<== Topical/oral Palmitoylethanolamide or any PPAR Alpha receptor agonists, topical Copper.


It's now easy to see the connection 1)why those genes discovered by Dr Cotsarelis were upregulated/downregulated in haired-scalp when compared to bald scalp- between those genes indicated in the Scoliosis study(Pax1/Foxa2 locus- the primary cause of AGA).

In Summary:

Pax1/Foxa2 AGA/Scoliosis haplotype variants ======> 17 altered genes in total as indicated in the Scoliosis study like RXRA, HDAC2, etc =======> altered the behavior of hundreds of downstream genes in Dr Cotarelis's patent that could be grouped into 2 main profiles:

1)Downregulation of Wnt/B-catenin pro-profileration pathway genes

2)Upregulation of Immunity and anti-profileration pathway genes;

======> AGA

This is like every hair growth study ever posted condensed down into one post....INCREDIBLE!!!
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#2 Sith

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Posted 16 May 2018 - 12:26 PM


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#3 granmasutensil

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Posted 21 October 2018 - 04:43 PM

I don't know why this isn't getting more attention. Seems like a gold mine of information.

#4 Major Legend

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Posted 21 October 2018 - 07:45 PM

Is there any information on why some people go bald earlier like 20s? Can't seem to find this info.

#5 Phoebus

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Posted 21 October 2018 - 08:12 PM

great stuff 


is there any alternative to retinoid? I dont use it as it can oxidize sub Q fatty tissues. 



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