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Existence is an infinite game of clue, you have a chance to play it, lets finish the game.

Posted by brokenportal , 14 August 2008 · 4,866 views

At the end of this history channel show called The Universe they said that the big bang is all theory expounded on by the most meticulous calculators throughout history and its expanding and evolving and being added to. That as far as they know this is what is happening and it changes as we find new information and forge on to study the universe.

They end the episode with a quote that says something like, "lets see how it ends." That’s the way people should think. Why not, you have this chance, it reminds me of a quote from the movie Young Guns, "and I shall finish the game doc, I shall finish the game ."

Whether I die before I want to or not, I will fight on, I shall finish the game. Existence left us here in this infinite cosmic game of clue. Im not going to sit there and run societies grind while the big game flys past me. That’s like getting to Disney land and staying in a dull resteraunt watching reruns on television the whole time. That’s like finding the arc of the covenant and playing cards on it and then leaving.

We have all been given a golden ticket to the game. Let us growing ranks of people who can see that there is an end to aging put you on our team. We are in it to win it. Let us work together to grow into our destiny, the next human evolution revolution, the end of aging. By god, for the love of life, lets finish the game.

I couldn't agree more. We might not make it, but the only chance we have to try. You can't win the game if you don't play. The problem is getting other people to see what we see, which, as you know is incredibly difficult. I do feel that day by day more people are waking up. In the most recent imminst newsletter there was a statistic that there are 350 new registrations each month this year. That's up from 200 last year and 100 the year before. I thought that was a great statistic.

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