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In the Direction of Trying to Grasp What it Means to Exist

Posted by brokenportal , 21 October 2010 · 4,062 views

In the direction of trying to grasp what it means to exist.

Think big packed in cities, big city lights, projects and ingenuity and serendipity going on with in different levels, creativity, discovery, life, harnessing the elements, weaving in and out through out the floors, stars in the background.
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What is going on even with in just one persons soul, the tumultuous arrays of collective combinations of expression and dreams, the thoughts colliding, or not, some just missed, some destined to come to fruition. This is of just one mind, let alone two, three, a crowd, the different combos.
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Stars so deep, mystery surrounding each, how far is a particular star? Zoom out to the oceans, teeming with life, havent even explored 1 percent yet, what will we find? Where did life come from? How did the universe get here. Zoom in to an electron microscope in a lab, what is in there? We find that atoms are smaller than molecules, and quarks and bosons are smaller than atoms, what is smaller than them? What is smaller than that? We can find worlds with in specks, is existence infinite? We are a speck in it, unable to see or comprehend all that which remains shrouded in darkness and mystery, beckoning for us to turn on the lights.

"The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper." -Eden Phillpotts

Its like the city, but with so many more levels with in each one of those. Scale out to the country sides, limitless land to hike and see, millions of species, millions of lives and scenerios interacting and going down every day. You might see an ant fighting with a mutant form of a June Bug and be able to contemplate their struggle, but miss the fact that this mutation will soon change the landscape of the area in profound ways, you might just dirt bike right over the top of them with out ever even contemplating that, all the while thinking about the prospects for a ranch style house in this area and what it might mean to raise kids in the current socio-capitalist climate.

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Add the society element and the time line of your personal day to that and the dimensions increase in a complex branching dynamic fashion that’s hard to map, not even a percent of a percent of the human condition is mapped. What does that mean for all that outside of the speck of light we are in so far?

What is it like at the completion of each one of our limitless goals? What are all the pleasures yet to discover like? What all else is out there yet? Hover ability? Aliens? Entire populated galaxies? Invisibility; increased memory and learning; increased creativity; more and more powerful computers; robots; space houses; exploring space; fully submersible virtual reality; the end to war and poverty; working together with all our increasing array of tools to pioneer this pan dynamic existence? What percentage of things have you done yet? What percentage of people have you met yet? What combination of scenarios do you think are out there to fulfill and enlighten you? What learning experiences and discoveries do you think are yet out there for you to cherish, to contemplate, to know? The potential of the elements, the potential of the time...

We know what is going on in parts of this place we are in, but what about everywhere else? What about how it all interacts? What it all means as a whole? Do we think we can guess what is going on everywhere? Can we even guess what is going on in all the buildings of one single town? Some of those points of light in the night time sky are entire galaxies unto themselves, some of them are entire universes.

This paper could be expanded to fill libraries with volumes on the limitless and profound mind blowing unencapsulateble nature of it. No, libraries are filled with volumes on exactly that, and even those havent begun to scratch the surface of what it means to exist.
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