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We cannot be content to die if we don’t know what is going on.

Posted by brokenportal , 21 October 2010 · 5,245 views

We cannot be content to die if we don’t know what is going on.

If you woke up tomorrow on a pink planet with walking trees and birds that flew backwards singing Elvis songs with rivers that flowed candy pine cones and all kinds of marvelous spectacles and randomosities, then you need to figure out what is going on. You would be looked upon with shame if you weren’t deeply interested in figuring it out. You wouldnt be worthy of the senses bestowed upon you if you didnt heed to the triggers that they pulled in your brain outlining the baffling incomprehensible mystery that this would be. Attached Image

So what would you do? If you awoke on this planet then would you be indifferent to it and content to live out the rest of your life on that planet? Would you sleep on cup cake beds and fish vegetables out of the sky with nets and watch the birds fly backwards as your body slowly decayed you in to oblivion? Could you be content with that? Would the mysteries be less important than your leisure time, than the hobbies and habits you would develop amongst the scenerios?

That pink planet with all of that stuff is exactly what this earth is like. Just because we have gotten used to it doesn’t mean its normal. This is an off the charts, bizarre, seemingly infinite mystery. If you don’t fully realize this yet then this is because you are unable to spot fallacy in your thinking. In order to alleviate this, read up on fallacy and work to learn how to spot when your thoughts are fallacy or not. Those of us who view our entrapment and as of yet inevitable decay on this earth as normal need to realize that we have succumbed to what many call the Stockholm syndrome, or Platos illustration of people trapped in a cave.

Like the people trapped in the cave in Platos parable, we cannot ever remain content to live out a life with limited understanding. We must constantly seek to uncover the mystery. We must do this until we finally know, and can decide what to do next, live or die, and other things, based on the big picture, and not be eager to jump into our graves, be content to be pushed into our graves, based on such a limited understanding of what is going on. The Buddhist in China, the car bomber in Afghanistan, the human rights worker in Canada, the industrialist in the USA, the bushman in Zimbabwe, they all make life decisions based on a limited vision of the big picture, and they all think they are right. A true maturity in setting our priorities comes from knowing the big picture.

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We must seek it until we finally know, we must escape the cave, we must escape our planet, we must escape traditional thinking, we must continue to pioneer existence until we know the big picture of what it means to live, or until we are crushed by the randomosities of existence. Until we do we will never know what it means to truly exist.

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