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It is in our nature to pioneer to those next levels before us.

Posted by brokenportal , 24 October 2010 · 4,990 views

To paraphrase the futurist Ray Kurzweil, "Why should humans be defining themselves by their limitations rather than their ability to supersede them?"

If we could not more directly control the elements as we do then we would just be another form of monkey. Just as surely as the ant can not help build the mound, the bee the honey comb, the bird the nest, so can we not help but innovate everything that is available to us. We couldnt help it if we tried, that is what humans do, it is natural that humans innovate.

Why long for life, for existence, for this shot at reality, the big 8, rather than not? Why not just live a normal life of child hood exploration, school, work, family, recreation, retirement, reserve your burial plot and then arrange for somebody to discard your set-timespan terminated, deanimated remains in it?

When you can progress, its not natural not to. When something has a chance to evolve it is not natural for it not to. When an opportunity is opened to a capable creature then it is not natural to not harness it. When the path way opens up it is not natural for a creature with the faculties of contrivance to not follow it. When the boundaries of the frontiers are moved back further it is not natural to let them go to waste. It is not natural for any creature to resign itself to the box it is in. Filling the spaces and aptitudes that we can is an essential part of what it means to exist. We have to be aware of them to spot them, and beyond that we can be proactive about it, we can be pioneers.

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Prokaryotes didn’t make their way to becoming fish, and then the fish didn’t start to walk on land just to so they could have land fish races. The founders of the concept of the University did not become some of the only few to populate their halls. Christopher Columbus and his crews were not the only ones to dine in the Americas. Lewis & Clark were not the only ones to cross the trails to the Pacific coast. Jenner, Pasteur, Lister and Koch were not some of the only few to harness the powers of science and extrapolate its potentials. It is of the nature of every creature to probe the boundaries of their boxes, to move through those cracks that they find or that open to them, to face that which was here to unknown behind those things that break away and reveal further more distance to cross, more area to explore and submerse in and grow into, and etcetera.

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Living in the boxes, the here to fore limited confines that we do, we make due, we harness what is available to us. To that extend which the box is closed, it is natural for a certain level of getting used to it to happen, but it is never natural to resign oneself over to its limits. The big 8 has always been there. The “rabbit” has now, after centuries, chewed its way through parts of the cage, into the other cages, then released itself into the shed, now has gotten through the shed, and so on. The creature evolved, it pioneered its way in to its new ever expanding arrays of faculties and aptitudes. It can now go into the seeming limitlessness of this amazing space we live in, and can engineer the cells of our biologies. The game is on. We creatures are successful at this. The big 8 has opened up to us, and like all creatures, we step up to the plate. We heed our call; we respond; we fulfill our destinies. We have no other choice, it is of our nature.

Some of us pursue this passively, some of us will follow others that do this, and some of us are pioneers, fully aware of what awaits us and what it means in the big picture of things, with so much to do, so much opportunity and mystery, and time running out. We proactively forge forth, pushing back the boundaries of the boxes, contriving, contemplating, studying the potentials, innovating, helping to unleash the full extents of our great potential in this grand, magical, magnificent, incredible, amazing, utterly-endlessly-dynamically-intriguing, indefinite complexity of opportunity we have here to exist.

As sure as the leaf of a bush moves to face the sunlight, and takes up water to expand its size, as sure as a bird will not, not fly, so to we can not help but pursue those beneficial things which our abilities allow us to.

Those things are summed up in a semi-official index called the big 8, to better help people gain a grip on all of, the big picture of what is available to the human being.

The boundaries have expanded exponentially over the centuries, slowly at first, picking up speed, and moving rapidly in this last century, pushing back those boundaries of that box we have now helped to include for ourselves the resources that allow us to have a shot at the big 8. It is in our nature to pursue them. The first step is the success of the movement for indefinite life extension.

Join this crucial phase now. Time is running out, when you join you help lead the way for the rest of the world to join, and when the rest of the world joins then this cause is almost sure to succeed in our lifetimes. Claim your life, fulfill and harness your opportunities to the fullest extent, don’t let them needlessly slip away. We have a 6 point plan to guide us to the mid way goal of informing the world. If you want a shot at your continued life, at the big 8, then join it now.

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